“For the Love of Mohammad A Memoir: With Mohammad Khordadian” by Jean Beaini— Two Young Dancers

for the love of mohammed

Beaini, Jean. “For the Love of Mohammad A Memoir: With Mohammad Khordadian”, ADS, 2014.

Two Young Dancers

Amos Lassen

The ill-fated marriage of two young dancers is the focus of “For the Love of Mohammed”. The book is set against the backdrop of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. Jean Beaini has written the true story of a journey that is dramatic and filled with complexes.

The memoir of two young dancers from vastly different cultures, tells of their ill-fated marriage during Iran’s Islamic Revolution.  The main characters are a young English girl who lives in a Middle Eastern country that is torn apart by an Islamic revolution and war and a young Iranian man struggling to come to terms with his homosexuality after being manipulated into marriage. He just happened to be in love with a man. On one hand this is not a love story and on the other hand it is a story about love as well as so much more.

 As the world continues to struggle with human rights issues, in particular the human rights of the LGBTQ communities in such countries as Iran, Uganda, Pakistan, Nigeria, India, Russia and often in our own backyard here is a story that speaks out for those who have their voices silenced. The book contributes to the awareness of their situation and carries with it a message of hope and courage by demonstrating how, with the power of love, courage and understanding, life’s adversities can be overcome.

Our characters met because of their love of dance and  their story shows  how people love one another and how this pure love can become misconstrued and tainted by the influence of religion, culture, politics and society. We see the sensitive struggle that the two face and the courage they must summon to deal with it. It is all about maintaining love in the face of both human and political conflict.



“Tennessee Williams: Mad Pilgrimage of the Flesh” by John Lahr—America’s Greatest Playwright


Lahr, John. “Tennessee Williams: Mad Pilgrimage of the Flesh”, W.W. Norton, 2014

America’s Greatest Playwright

Amos Lassen

John Lahr brings us the definitive biography of Tennessee Williams; the man many feel is America’s greatest playwright. My review copy came yesterday and I stayed up all night reading and this is not a short book—it comes in at 765 pages. Some of you know that I know Williams—my senior year at college I worked a bit for him when he was in New Orleans so I am always anxious to read a definitive biography of him. However, he was a man who was so complex that I doubt that there will ever be a “definitive biography”. There always seems to a lost page or some interesting information turning up about Williams. However this is the most complete biography I have yet to read about him and I have read them all.

Lahr takes us into the mind of the playwright. Williams was responsible for so much but I really believe that his greatest accomplishment was the way his dramas reshaped the theater of this country as well as the way Americans felt about themselves.

I have always thought of Williams as something of a contradiction. He had triumphs which were epic and he failures that were also epic, he was a gay man at a time when homosexuality was spoken of in whispers yet he managed to create some of the most wonderful female characters that the theater has ever know. He suffered great guilt and he projected some of his life into his works. He had numerous love affairs but only two real loves. His death reflected the way he lives even though it was misreported and his estate caused problems among his heirs and his non-heirs.

This biography is written through Williams’ plays and we see what he went through with each new offering. Lahr gives us an unforgettable look at the man and we learn some interesting secrets. There have been several other biographies of Williams so some of you may wonder why we need another one—the answer is simple. There is a great deal of new material here—new interpretations, new photographs (there are 80 photos in the book, new information and new ways to look at Williams output.

We have letters and interviews with Pancho Rodriguez, the man who was the model for Stanley Kowalski. There are letters from Frank Merlo, the man who shared Williams’ heart and his bed. Eddie Dowling who was in the original production (as well as produced and co-directed) of “The Glass Menagerie talks about the opening night night. We learn about Laurette Taylor and her legendary performance as Amanda Wingfield. We get to read the letters that Williams wrote while he was committed to a psychiatric ward in 1970. The facts of his death and of the craziness that went on with his estate is here as is the true story of Williams’ break-up with his long time agent, Audrey Wood. There is information on how legendary director Elia Kazan influenced the productions that he helmed. Marlon Brando has something to saw about co-star Anna Magnani. Included are previously unpublished poems and deleted passages from some of the playwright’s writing. Included are never before seen letters between Williams and Kazan, Wood, Magnani, Katherine Hepburn and Brooks Atkinson, drama critic of “The New York Times”. We learn about the autopsy performed on Williams and the medical reports of his sister, Rose, who suffered a lobotomy. There is also new information about Williams’ psychoanalysis and original interviews that John Lahr conducted with Gore Vidal, Dotson Rader, Dakin Williams (the playwrights’ brother) and with several directors including Sidney Lumet and John Hancock.

Here is Williams’ public persona and his backstage life. It reads like one of Williams’ own dramas but above else this is a compelling biography of a compelling man that is written by a compelling author.

“TRANSPARENT”— A Look at Amazon Prime’s Transgender Sitcom


A Look at Amazon Prime’s Transgender Sitcom

Of course this has repursussions for his whole family, including his kids – he’s a trans parent, see what they did there?

Along w Tambor, there’s a great supporting cast including Judith Light, Gaby Hoffman, Amy Landecker, Jay Duplass, Carrie Brownstein, Kathryn Hahnand Bradley Whitford.

You can take a look at the full trailer below, to get you ready for the series’ premiere on Amazon Prime on September 26th.

The Russian Non-Gay Version of “BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN” — An Uncensored Look

The Russian Non-Gay Version of ”Brokeback Mountain”

An Uncensored Look

brokeback-mountainWith the ban of gay propaganda in Russia, I imagine a bit of editing has had to go on with some Hollywood movies over there, to ensure they don’t say suggest being gay is a-ok.

Now a fun new vid has come along which gives us a look at Russian Brokeback Mountain, where the Ang Lee tale of two cowpokes who like each other an awful lot is straightened up to be the story of two totally heterosexual guys who get naked to show how straight they are, sleep with lots of women and have straight babies.

And the only thing they want to quit is smoking.

INTERNATIONAL SAUNA GUIDE 10th Edition from Bruno Gmunder


Spartacus Sauna Guide 2014



Pages: 224
Size: 10,5x18cm/4.25x7inch
Format: Softcover
Language: English/German
ISBN 978-3-86787-796-1
September 2014
€13.99 / US$23.99 / £13.99 / C$24.99

An extensive and up-to-date overview of the gay saunas worldwide now

It’s that time of the year when the days are shorter and the nights longer, and the start of the new sauna season. Gay saunas enjoy great popularity worldwide for decades now and are an integral part of the international gay community.

In addition to the classical sauna types such as steam, Finnish or bio saunas, one can also make contacts, full of sparkling erotic and exciting encounters in saunas. As such in many countries saunas are used as a place of refuge for gay or bisexual men, who cannot have sex with men in their homes.

These possibilities and a multitude of useful details can be found in the newly published Spartacus Sauna Guide. In the 10th edition sauna fans will find information regarding size, prices and opening hours, as well as the other sauna visitors, the services offered and key features on site. With help from our user-friendly pictogram-system additional information are simple and clearly understandable. The editorial team has listed 650 saunas from 215 cities in 63 countries worldwide in two languages on 224 pages. Here everyone can find their appropriate oasis of well-being. Whether in summer or in winter – our in-depth and handy guide should always be in your suitcase!

The Bruno Gmünder Group was founded in 1981 in Berlin. Today the company, with 80 full time and numerous freelance employees, is a market leaders in the field of gay media worldwide. On offer are numerous print and an increasing number of digital products, such as eBooks apps and web sites. The company also publishes tourist guides, magazines, comics books and non-fiction books. 

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(hotel~ 36x 70~ artist~ david crocker)

(rope 1~6×8~ artist~ renfield
“Carlos” from the “After Midnight” collection. Acrylic on Canvas, 36″ x 38″ ~artist~ miguel reyes

oil and acrylic paintings have an organic and undeniable stimulation.
the quality of brush strokes, the color pallet,  the earthiness of the medium all come together bringing visual and sensual pleasure.
antebellum hollywood would like to present three of our regular artists creating an environment of seductive desire.
also on display will be miguel reye’s dedication to his late model

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Antebellum Gallery
HOLLYWOOD, CA, United States
 ANTEBELLUM GALLERY, the only fetish art gallery in america, and perhaps the world. we bring fetish to the mainstream on a daily basis. the antebellum manifesto~ *21st century culture *fetish as art *high-heels for men & women *no plastic or styrofoam containers *no junk food *nudity encouraged. antebellum posts images, art, ideas, opinions, theories, film clips, music, reviews, photography, memories, current affairs, etc on a daily basis. antebellum is interested in the esoteric, original ideas and art, specifically fetish art. antebellum is not interested in celebrities, unless they are talented and are doing something unusual. antebellum is not interested in gossip. it’s boring. ANTEBELLUM 1643 n. las palmas ave hollywood, ca 90028 323 856-0667 antebellum2013@att.net  www.rickcastro.com/antebellum

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“SOULBOUND” (“TEUS OLHOS MEUS”)— Finding Happiness


“Soulbound” (“Teus Olhos Meus “)

Finding Happiness

Amos Lassen

One of the questions that so many of us have is how to deal with happiness and if we find it can we let go of the past? Is it at all possible to change destiny?

Gil is 21 years old and has no money. This is difficult for him because he feels fulfilled by poetry and music. He finds himself constantly questioning the world around him. It took a family quarrel to make him run away from home and leaving behind the only love he has ever felt in his life—his Aunt Leila.


Yet he had a stroke of luck in meeting Otavio, a music producer who could change his life forever. This is the first feature film by director Caio Son and he concentrates on male friendship and sexuality. Here we have two straight or heterosexual men who find a love relationship with each other. For each man, Otavio and Gil, this kind of relationship had been elusive.

Sóh brings us a dramatic film with quite a shocking twist at the end. We experience the emotional tidal waves of two men in love. The characters propel the film and both of the actors turn in brilliant performances. Remo Rocha is Otávio the rock of the relationship. He is a man whose dormant passion for life is awoken upon when he met Gil (Emilio Dantas) on the beach. We see Gil as a pot-smoking wild card of the piece— he is an aspiring, if at times drunk musician who comes to find his heart, together with his body seeking solace in a direction he never thought it would go.  We do not see them making love but we do see them in bed after they had and we sense their deep love for each other. Their kisses are passionate just as is their relationship but it feels quite real and sincere.

We are introduced to Gil’s aunt who loves him dearly but she is married to a man who abuses her. We see what Aunt Leila has with husband Cesar as the opposite of what Otavio and Gil have together. There is a lot of juxtaposition to show this to us and flashbacks fill in Otavio’s back-story.

However, the spotlight is fixed on the relationship between the two men, as Gil, at first repulsed by his latent homosexual awakening, gradually comes to accept his sexual self and moreover his love for a man older than himself. Only as the film comes full circle, a critical scene is missing and whilst there can be little doubt as to its outcome, it still is left begging to be explored. 

“THE WILDING”—-Short Soon to Be a Feature Film

“The Wilding”

Soon to Be a Feature Film

wilding-slide“The Wilding” won the prestigious Iris Prize a couple of years ago.Now you can watch the entire 16-minute short online, for a limited time – and it’s well worth taking a lok.

And if you like it you can also help turn it into a feature film (sort of), as director Grant Scicluna is in the final few days of trying to raise $40,000 AUS for the movie Downriver. He says of The Wilding that, ‘To a degree it precedes the story of Downriver’.

 ”DOWNRIVER” is a mystery drama feature film. Teenager James has served time for drowning a little boy when he was a child, although the body was never found. With little time and danger at every turn, James must uncover dark truths if he is to return the boy’s body to his grieving mother.

‘DOWNRIVER is a film in the style of WINTER’S BONE, THE BOYS or the TV series TOP OF THE LAKE. The film is confronting, dark, tense and will be controversial. It is also a tender story about friendship and forgiveness. This is the very reason why it is worth doing.

‘We believe there’s an audience hungry for strong, emotional, complex material. We need your help to raise the final portion of the budget to enable us to start production in September.

Scicluna adds, “We believe there’s an audience hungry for strong, emotional, complex material. We need your help to raise the final portion of the budget to enable us to start production in September.”

“Red Hot 100″ – The book with the own Exhibition in New York !!!

red hot

“Red Hot 100″ - The book with the own Exhibition in New York !!!    

On the heels of his hugely successful Red Hot exhibition in London (successfully funded through Kickstarter), photographer and filmmaker Thomas Knights creates the ultimate bible for fans of hot ginger men: Red Hot 100″.

With a truly international feel, the book will contain one hundred flame-haired guys from all over the world, captured topless against the iconic vivid blue background now synonymous with the Red Hot brand. Not only is it pleasing to the eye, the book also holds a mirror up to current perceptions of male beauty and asks the question, Why are there so few ginger heroes or heartthrobs in Western culture? This is sure to change after Red Hot 100″!


144 pages

Full Colour

Hardcover with dust jacket

10 ¼ x 13 ½ inch