“YOU AND THE NIGHT” Revisited— The Slut, The Star, The Stud, The Teen & The Transvestite Maid

you and the night

 “You And The Night” 

The Slut, The Star, The Stud, The Teen & The Transvestite Maid

Amos Lassen

Here’s an unusual film, which bends to edge of gender and sexuality while taking us into a dream-life, hyper-stylized world!


Ali (Kate Moran) and Matthias (Niels Schneider), a young couple and their maid Udo (Nicolas Maury), a transvestite, prepare to host an orgy. The guest list consists of The Slut, The Star, The Stud and The Teen. The couple is quite mysterious and the idea of hosting a pansexual orgy is delicious for them. As the orgy progresses, the private lives (as well as the private parts) of their guests are exposed.  The sex is explicit and this is the party not to miss this year. We immediately sense the couple’s need for affection as they await the arrival of their guests. The Slut (Julie Bremond) is the first to arrive. She is a young woman that loves sex and awaits the orgy. She is followed by The Stud (Eric Cantona) who is reputedly very well sexually equipped. Shortly afterwards The Teen (Alain-Fabien Delon [the son of the French movie star]) comes full of sex appeal and youthful vigor. Finally, arriving last as stars do is The Star (Fabeinne Babe) who comes with her own rules and regulations.


 As the evening progresses, we learn of the pasts of the guests. Things get heavy right from the start. As we hear the life stories of the characters, we become aware of how superficial they are. In fact even the nudity does not enhance what we see. Here is a group of unhappy people making each other even less happy. By the time we reach the end of the film after having heard some very intense stories, something happens and what began as something of an erotic look at some young people becomes one of those pretentious art house films. The ending is very disappointing. I wish we could see this as a work in progress instead of a sexual curiosity. There is a lot of good here and I can only hope for better things from the director, Yann Gonzalez, who tries very hard to give us an erotic film. The seeds are there for a really could film. They just do yield flowers.


There is a lot of campy humor and a wonderful electronic music score by M83 and this is quite an audacious film that is also an affecting meditation on much more than sex. As one can imagine, opinions are quite mixed about the film.

‘Writer-director Yann Gonzalez’s sensual and erotic debut played to critical-acclaim during Critics Week at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, and stars former international footballer, Eric Cantona and cult legend, Beatrice Dalle (BETTY BLUE) in this kitsch ode to love and lust.

‘With electrifying music by M83, helmed by Anthony Gonzalez, ‘YOU AND THE NIGHT, evokes the style and substance of Almodovar, Ozon and Lynch.’

“Deliriously theatrical, flagrantly cinephilic, unabashedly provocative, Yann Gonzalez’s ‘YOU AND THE NIGHT’ is the kind of movie that restores your faith in auteur filmmaking.” 

2015 Calendars from Bruno Gmunder


Calendar 2015









A perfect complement to the opulent photo book A Thing of Beauty, this calendar shows us the sexy, yet authentic boys of CockyBoys..



14 pages, full colour, poster format

16 ½ x 12” (42,0 x 30 cm)

€ 18,95 / US$ 21.99 / £ 17.99

ISBN 978-3-86787-724-4 





Kent Taylor




Woof! The backsides of some of the hottest guys in the business.




14 pages, full colour, explicit

12 x 16 ½” (30,0 x 42,0 cm )

€ 18,95 / US$ 21.99 / £ 17.99

ISBN 978-3-86787-720-6 









Hard facts. To date, Giovanni has released numerous photo books on his favorite subject. Yet, these images never get boring: Be prepared for 52 upright postures.


60 pages, full colour, explicit

8 ¼ x 11 ¾“ (21,0 x 29,7 cm )

€ 18,95 / US$ 19.95 / £ 17.99

ISBN 978-3-86787-733-6   





Jeff Palmer




A classic! Jeff Palmer‘s intimate photographs are erotic and aesthetic masterpieces.




14 pages, black white, poster format, explicit  

12 x 16 ½” (30,0 x 42,0 cm )

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Young Germans! These adorable young men will guide you through a very sexy year.




14 pages, full colour, poster format  

12 x 16 ½” (30,0 x 42,0 cm )

€ 18,95 / US$ 21.99 / £ 17.99

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Raging Stallion

HUNG 2015



The hottest men from Raging Stallion: A rough and horny hunk for every month of the year.



14 pages, full colour, poster format, explicit

12 x 16 ½” (30,0 x 42,0 cm )

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Corbin Fisher




So hot! Corbin Fisher’s anniversary calendar gives us America ’s sexiest dream boys.




14 pages, full colour, poster format

16 ½ x 12” (42,0 x 30 cm)

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BelAmi Online is one of the hottest sites on the net. The monthly calendar displays the brand’s most successful and sought after boys.



14 pages, full colour, poster format, explicit

12 x 16 ½” (30,0 x 42,0 cm )

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Falcon Studios




This year will get hot with these guys! Twelve dream men from California , brought to you by Falcon Studios.



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12 x 16 ½” (30,0 x 42,0 cm )

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Joan Crisol




Joan Crisol is one of the most promising photographers of recent years. Hombres shows his best work for ES Collection in a beautiful black and white calendar.




14 pages, black white, poster format

12 x 16 ½” (30,0 x 42,0 cm )

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Dylan Rosser




Dylan Rosser is one of the most successful photographers in male art photography. Some of his best work is now available for the first time as a Gallery Edition calendar.




14 pages, full colour, gallery edition, explczit

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Lucas Entertainment




Executive realness at its best. Some of the hottest Lucas Entertainment men show off their slick looks in one calendar.



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Hot House




There will be no shortage of horny hunks in 2015 with this incredible calendar featuring the men of Hot House Studios!




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Giovanni’s subject is once again provocative and sexy: the male member in the body’s landscape.




14 pages, full colour, poster format, explicit

16 ½ x 12” (42,0 x 30 cm)

€ 18,95 / US$ 21.99 / £ 17.99

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Corbin Fisher




Boys at play. US Studio Corbin Fisher presents the hottest American boys of 2015.




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Rick Day




The beauty of BelAmi’s boys meets Rick Day’s perfection in photography. BelAmi like you’ve never seen them before.



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Rick Day




These guys are incredible! Rick Day’s Players was one of the most successful male art photo books in recent years.


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Mark Henderson 




Mark Henderson brings last century’s glorious style of nude photography into the present. 12 months, 12 dream men.




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Rick Day




Rick Day NYC! Twelve photographs show you the beauty of the modern man.



14 pages, full colour, poster format

12 x 16 ½” (30,0 x 42,0 cm )

€ 18,95 / US$ 21.99 / £ 17.99

ISBN 978-3-86787-729-9


“THE GREEN PRINCE”— How A Son of Hamas Leader Came To Work For Shin Bet

the green prince

‘The Green Prince’

How A Son of Hamas Leader Came To Work For Shin Bet

Amos Lassen

In the new documentary, “The Green Price”, Mosab Yousef  tells how he, the son of a prominent Hamas leader becomes a Shin Bet spy. Gonen Ben Yitzhak explains his role in luring Mosab over to the Shin Bet and their operations carried out over the course of a decade from 1997 to 2007.  Director Nadav Schirman allows each man to explain his motivations with no intruding or directing questions.

Mosab tells us that he is motivated by disillusion with Hamas desires to bring peace to the region, although it is clear that he finds the subterfuge to be exciting. We do see his loyalties become tangled as the movie progresses. He does become the link between Hamas and Shin Bet plays one against the other. He ultimately turns on his father when he realizes that he would be safer in jail than in Ramallah. It is interesting that the Israelis suspect that Hassan, Mosab’s father, knows what his son is doing.


Alarmed by what he hears, Mosab sells his father , Sheikh Hassan Yousef, down the river in a last-ditch attempt to keep him out of harm’s way, reasoning that he will be safer in jail than on the streets of Ramallah. The Israelis, for their part, suspect that Hassan secretly knows what his son has been up to all along.

The film is as tense as any Hollywood thriller and is a real psychological adventure. The title, “The Green Prince”, is for Mosab’s Israeli codename and the film brings together archival footage and reconstructed scenes as we await the arrival on screen of Mosab and wily Gonen Ben Yitzhak. When Ben Yitzhak first recruits Mosab he tells him to continue studying and become an important person in his community. Mosab tells us that this is exactly the same advice he got from his father. It is here that we realize that the film is a shifting triangle between a young man and two father figures. What is lacking is an interview with Sheikh Hassan but then  if he had appeared that would make the story so nice and clean and tied up with a bow. It is the tension at the core of the film that makes it so interesting. We do see that Mosab loves his father but he hates his father’s actions. He does respect Ben Yitzhak but we get the feeling that the Israeli is not playing fair.

All three, Mosab, Ben Yitzhak and Hassan are corrupt and each tries to make the best out of a situation that has good side. All three know that they are bound together and one goes down so do the others. That going down is pictures with grace here and that is very special.

It seems that the film’s strongest narrative points involve Mosab’s relationship with his father and Mosab’s explanation that his allegiances remained with his imprisoned father all along. In fact, the reason that Mosab joined the Shin Bet was to prevent the murders of Hamas leaders such as his father. He agreed to assist the Israelis as long as Palestinians would be imprisoned rather than executed for their crimes, and he says this loud and clear  when he says to those who still believe him to be a traitor that “you are not assassinated today because of this arrangement.” Mosab’s father, however, still believes him a traitor and has disowned him much like the majority of Palestinians. This is over emphasized at the end of the film when Mosab makes a speech and chokes back and wipes away tears. While this is quite moving what it does is reinforce the idea that the film is more interested in what we can really see than ambiguities and complicated detail.

 The film is something of a shadow play with the actors hiding in twilight and as the film goes forward the line between light and dark blurs more and more. It depends on the identity of the characters. Mosab tells us how he came to be imprisoned by the Israelis after brokering an arms deal, how his experience of Hamas in prison shook him to the core of his being, how he began spying for Shin Bet and how they pushed his position into intelligence and how Mosab used it to protect his family.

 There are two important relationships here—that of Mosab and his father and that of Mosab and Ben Yitzhak. It may sound strange but this is a family drama almost like a Greek tragedy as we see the struggle between Mosab’s loyalties to his father and to Yitzhak, to say nothing of his loyalties to the Palestinians or the Israelis and this is balanced by Mosab’s growing moral evolution. 

“PATERNITY LEAVE”— Matt Riddlehoover’s Gay-Themed Comedy Coming in 2015

  “Paternity Leave”

Matt Riddlehoover’s Gay-Themed Comedy Coming in 2015

In the “Paternity Leave” Greg (Jacob York) finds out that he’s pregnant with his partner Ken’s (Charlie David) baby. Dumbstruck by the news, their relationship takes twists and turns through hardship and hilarity, while we’re left wondering if they’re going to make it through the most unexpected and difficult period of their lives together. Chris Salvatore also stars.

However to get it all finished it needs your help, as the movie has launched anIndieGoGo campaign with the hope of raising $5,000 in post-production funding, which will help with things such as 2nd unit photography, editing, sound mix, music licensing, and color correction. 

“The War on Women in Israel: A Story of Religious Radicalism and the Women Fighting for Freedom” by Elana Maryles Sztokman— How to Fight Back

war on women

Sztokman, Elana Maryles. “The War on Women in Israel: A Story of Religious Radicalism and the Women Fighting for Freedom”, Sourcebooks, 2014.

How To Fight Back

Amos Lassen

It is interesting that in Israel, one of the most democratic countries in the world, that women are threatened and abused by ultra-Orthodox factions who try to suppress them. Sztokman is an activist and here she shows the struggles that Israeli women deal with, be it increasing oppression that comes in the form of segregation on public busses to being silenced in education and not included in newspapers and in advertisements as well as in being limited in other areas. Now there are new feminist activists within the world of Orthodoxy who are beginning to demand change. These brave women have received some support from non-Orthodox women and they are creating new reforms that can be used to help women universally.

The author, through interviews and research surveys the historical context of the rights of women and then traces the struggle they have had against this kind of oppression. She further proposes solutions to create a new egalitarian society within the religious culture and new opportunities in Israeli society. When I lived in Israel and taught (especially) in Jerusalem, I had a hard time understanding how these women could allow themselves to be so subservient to their husbands even to the point of walking behind them on the street. Yet these same women allowed their husbands to father many children for whom the wife had to take care of as well as work to support the husband who studied the holy writings all day. Now that I live in Brookline, Massachusetts, a heavily Jewish suburb of Boston, I see the same thing here. Women tend to accept their place in Orthodox Judaism or so I thought until I read this book. The book shows us “a major social and international issue and offers a rousing call to action to stop the repression of women in Israel and worldwide”. We (and yes, men too) are issued a call to action as well as a warning that we need to find a way to provide

“Combining a chilling warning with a rousing call to action “a secular-democratic vision for Israeli society that will provide and inspire more dialogue. ”  This is more than just a problem in Israel; it is a problem for many, many women.


“Phantom Four: Children of the Grave” by Roger Wilson— Four Brothers

phantom four

Wilson, Roger. “Phantom Four: Children of the Grave”, Outskirts Press, 2010.

Four Brothers

Amos Lassen

Four brothers have a terrible accident and they reappear twenty years later with no memory of the past. As they try to discover who they are, they learn that they must protect New York City from the underworld. The city is due to experience hell unless these four heroes can fight against what is sure to happen. The brothers discover that they have amazing powers but these gifts come to the at a terrible price and the powers are cursed. The brothers are forced to deal with it in violent and sadistic ways as they feel darkness growing inside of them turning them into creatures of the night. Every bit of strength they gain comes with some of the curse. They are forced to hide this from their lovers and they soon see that they will never be able to live “normal” lives and that their girlfriends are in as much danger as they are. Nonetheless, those ladies hold a special place in their lives— it is the loving hearts of their women are the only thing that keeps them from going insane with rage.

If you love horror, amazing and interesting characters, romance and lots of action then this is the book for you. But that is not all—there is all humor and mystery—this is a novel that transcends genre.

 It begins in Nepal India and ends on the streets of New York. We follow young quadruplet brothers who die mysteriously as children but come back to life some twenty years later with supernatural powers.

 It seems that the Devil has risen and formed an army to take over the world. The only thing that stands in his way is these newly formed superheroes. It is really interesting to read about the brothers as they try to deal with their new powers and the writing is so descriptive that I could picture what was happening, especially in the action scenes.

 We go all the way back in time to 1735 to Nepal where a history professor and Memory learn that the devil has plans for world domination and that quadruplet sons will save the world but the children have not been born yet. She decides to put a curse them–when they are born, they will only live until age five. We move forward to 1985 in Brooklyn where Julie Smith gives birth to a quartet of fraternal boys. Five years later a beam comes from a comet in space killing the boys. In 2010, the four boys return to life but as adults and soon are in New York City and at war against the devils of Lucifer.

From the moment I started reading I realized that this was going to be a unique reading experience and I was so correct in that statement. I do not recommend it for young readers because there is a good deal of violence but I do recommend for adults who want to try something completely different.


“UNITED QUEENDOM’, A Web Series— A look at Scottish independence as a Gay Romantic Comedy

“United Queendom”, A  Web Series

 A look at Scottish independence  as a Gay Romantic Comedy

united-queendom-ep1“United Queendom” reimagines the debate over Scottish Independence as a romantic comedy between two guys who have to decide whether to split up.

Bob Denham came up with the show, which stars Damien Hughes as Scott and Daniel Page as Adrian, who bicker and squabble over all sorts of things, all of which take a metaphorical look at the issues voters have to decide on in the Scottish Independence poll in a couple of weeks time.

And just to make sure it’s like the real thing (sort of) at the end viewers are invited to vote on whether Scott and Adrian should indeed split up.

“PASOLINI”— A Look at What is Coming from Willem Dafoe & Abel Ferrara


A Look at What is Coming from Willem Dafoe & Abel Ferrara 


The film concentrates of the final days of director, writer and provocateur Pier Paolo Pasolini (Willem Dafoe), with the film trying to piece together who this complicated figure was in the lead up to his murder.

Pasolini grew up Mussolini’s Italy (his father actually saved the dictator’s life), before becoming a communist. However he was thrown out of the Party after being charged with committing lewd acts in a public place, which was the first of several legal battles, partly based on the Italian government’s initial antipathy to him.

Those lewd act charges also meant that he was out as gay whether he wanted to be or not.

Pasolini became a renowned but controversial director, helming films such as “The Decameron”, ‘The Gospel According to Matthew” and “Salo Or The 120 Days Of Sodom”. Although he had a rather complex relationship with his sexuality and his work, he was known for liking to cruise the streets of Italy looking for furtive sex.

Tragically in 1975 he was murdered. A 17-year-old rent boy was convicted of the crime, but in recent years there has been speculation he was killed as part of an extortion plot or due to anger at his communist leanings.

“I’M A PORN STAR”—- Famous on the Net

i'm a pornstat

“I’m a Porn Star”

Famous on the Net

Amos Lassen

There are people in my neighborhood and in yours who are famous but if we do not visit Internet porn sites we would not know it. Today there are about 370 million pornographic websites on the Internet. Porn is a thirteen billion dollar business. There is a good chance that people you know are involved in it to some degree. (It would be interesting to hear what the original Puritans would have to say about this.

This film is about guys who are porn stars and the term “porn stars” is an interesting one. By this I mean that there are people who work all their lives to be stars and it doesn’t happen. Yet someone who has sex on camera just one time is called a porn star. The four stars we meet here are Brent Everett, Colby Jansen, Rocco Reed and Johnny Rapid. They speak openly and honestly about their experiences in porn and how it feels to objects of lust for so many men. That must be the ultimate ego trip.
First we get a brief history of porn from actor-director-producer-author Charlie David. We get to see fascinating silent footage of some of the earliest homoerotic action staged on film, as well as the “men’s physique” magazines and reels of the 1940s and ’50s that provided “spank-bank material under the guise of appreciating “male athleticism”.” We see “the arthouse-appreciated flicks of the ’70s, the home video boom of the 1980s, the AIDS crisis and it’s effect on porn, the higher budgets of the ’90s and the keywords, special interests and star-focused sites of the internet age” All of this comes before the opening credits.


Colby Jansen is what is known as “semi-straight” (whatever that means). A former Marine and defense contractor, Jensen is working on his Masters of Business Administration and what he makes from porn pays his college tuition. He is marred to Gia Darling, a transsexual porn star.

Johnny Rapid is known as a “twink” and a power bottom. He has in the last year become an important stat and it is said that he is as cute as a “button”. (Now this is a term that I have never understood—I have seen thousands of buttons in my life and not once considered them to be cute).

Rocco Reed is a porn fence straddler acting in both gay and straight porn. He can tell a lot about these two worlds. When he is not on screen, he is a personal trainer who hopes to open his own gym when he retires from porn.

Lastly there is Brent Everett who has a great deal written about him and lately has made the transition from porn to gay-themed film (in which he keeps his clothes on).


The four guys share so much with us—their thoughts, their experiences, their hopes and what they like sexually. We learn about the cost of fame, how they get involved in porn and they tells us about the politics of the industry and what they like to do the best. They have worked with famous stars and have stories; how they stay fir, muscular and handsome, how they maintain erections for long periods. We learn what they get paid and how they have to behave to remain in good stead with government and they tell us how being a porn star has affected their lives and off-screen relationships.

This is a fun film that is fascinatingly interesting. We go behind the scenes (or behind the behinds) and see so much more than the average porn viewer.

Director Charlie David goes right for the information many want to hear— topics like HIV, gay-for-pay acting, and condom use. The film takes a pro-porn, sex-positive view of the business. It seems to be slightly biased towards the number of straight men in the industry. There’s an interview with a director, Ryan R, about the industry and how he makes gay porn as a straight man. “It’s ironic that the film would be so forthcoming and direct in questioning but never once discuss the role that porn has in the gay community. How does it warp expectations of what is attainable sexually if most of the models of sex in porn are (mostly) heterosexual men?”

The behind-the-scenes moments, and the real talk about the business is fascinating. Porn is a job, and the film does offer a balanced view about how that work affects its employees. It’s well shot, sexy and more upbeat than some porn profiles, but it doesn’t shy away from telling the truth.

WARNING: This documentary is meant for adults and contains scenes of graphic sexuality. Viewer discretion is advised.

“Male Sex Work and Society” edited by Victor Minichiello and John Scott— A Look at the Sex Industry

male sex work

Minichiello, Victor and John Scott (editors). “Male Sex Work and Society”, Harrington Park Press, 2014.

A Look at the Sex Industry

Amos Lassen

“Male Sex Work” is a collection of essays that looks at men in the sex industry from different perspectives and disciplines. Contributors come from many fields including public health, sociology, psychology, social services, history, film, economics, mental health, criminal justice, geography, and migration studies, and more. The editors give introductions to the various essays and in this way we are guided in understanding what we read here and while there are several scholarly essays the writers are also practitioners, students, and members of the interested/concerned public.

The empirical depth is remarkable, and the conceptual contributions are refined. Male Sex Work and Society is essential reading for anyone interested in sex, sexuality, identity, work, and GLTBQ issues.

 “Victor Minichiello and John Scott’s book shifts our attention from male sex work as a ‘social problem’ to a ‘social phenomenon’. They and their contributors reveal male sex work as a lens through which we can view shifts in local and global sexual cultures. This terrific book helps us rethink the ‘history of sexuality’ itself!

This is the first comprehensive interdisciplinary volume devoted to male sex work. Below is the table of contents:




Reframing Male Sex Work

Victor Minichiello and John Scott


1.    Male Prostitution from Ancient times to the Near Present

Mack Friedman

2.    Male Sex Work in Modern Times

Kerwin Kaye

3.    Representations of Male Sex Work in Film

Russell Sheaffer


4.    Advertising Male Sexual Services

Allan Tyler

5.    Economic Analysis of Male Sex Work

Trevon Logan


6.    Clients of Male Sex Workers

John Scott, Denton Callander, and Victor Minichiello

7.    Regulation of the Male Sex Industry

Thomas Crofts

8.    Public Health Policy and Practice with Male Sex Workers

David S. Bimbi and Juline A. Koken

9.    Mental Health Aspects of Male Sex Work

Juline A. Koken and David S. Bimbi

10.   Gay Subcultures

Christian Grov and Michael D. Smith

11.   Health and Wellness Services for Male Sex Workers

Mary Laing and Justin Gaffney


12.   Male Sex Mork in Southern and Eastern Africa

Paul Boyce and Gordon Isaacs

13.   Male Sex Work in China

Travis S. K. Kong

14.   Male Sex Work in Post-Soviet Russia

Linda M. Niccolai

15.   Male Sex Work from Latin American Perspectives

Victor Minichiello, Tinashe Dune, Carlos E. Disogra and Rodrigo Marino

16.   Migrant Male Sex Workers in Germany

Heide Castañeda

17.   Male Sex Work in the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland

Paul Maginn and Graham Ellison


Future Directions in Male Sex Work Research

Victor Minichiello and John Scott


Denton Callander, with the assistance of Katherine M. Isaacs