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  1. James Greenfield

    Dear Amos,

    What a splendid review of John Lennon and the Jews. How kind.
    I write on behalf of the publisher to see if you might please replace the nasty looking first edition cover of the book with the splendid new cover that you can see over at the Amazon page and on the facebook site who’s url is above. If you contact me at imaginejlatj at gmail dot com I would be happy to send you the jpg.

    Thank you once again. We’re THRILLED you love this book as much as we do.
    James Greenfield.

  2. Daniel W Kelly

    Hi Amos,

    Thanks much for the review of my book Combustion–tweeted it and posted it on my Facebook page. Not sure if you received the message I sent using the contact form above. I was just hoping you could update the blog entry–It has the author listed as David W. Kelly in the headline and byline, but my name is Daniel W. Kelly. Thanks much.


  3. Daniel W Kelly

    No problem. Thanks Amos. The problem may have been that, for reasons I don’t know, Amazon had my name as David on the product page for the kindle version of the book, even though it’s listed on my author page with my other titles! My publisher had them correct it. Thanks again for reviewing the book!




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