“MANHUNT” (Chasse a l’homme)— Domination

“Manhunt” (“Chasse à l’homme”)


Amos Lassen

We are aware of the horrors of war, especially now since we are engaged in a war where people lose their lives every day. We also have become very familiar with terrorism and have paid a high price with 3000 dead after the 9/11 terrorist attack. Yet most of us have experienced war close up and what we know about war comes to from the media and I am certainly not recommending that you live in a war zone so you can know what war is about, I did that in Israel and lived through three wars and it is not to watch death and see your friends buried.

Stephane Olijnyk brings us his vision of war as seen through the eyes of a terrorist and a hunter and in 28 short minutes he shows us more than we could ever expect to see. Garvas is a hunter for the Special Intervention Unit and he goes out to take care of a young terrorist that his agency has been tracking. He captures him and as they begin a long walk through the woods, each tries to outsmart the other—and that is all I can say except that the almost half hour that you spend watching the film will keep you on the edge of your chair. As they walk they torment each both physically and mentally. You begin to question that if during wartime there are rules for being human and practicing respect.

This is one of the most powerful films that I have seen in a very long time and it us brilliant. It is now on the festival circuit and we can only hope that it will find a releasing company. Olijnyk directs and he also adapted the film from a book by Jean-Bernard Pouy and stars Eric Bernard, Laurent Leca and Laurent Maurel. You do not want to miss this short film.

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    1. Amos Post author

      I actually saw the film as a single and not on a program with other films. I liked it but then again reviews are opinions and each of us is entitled to one. There have been several instances when there have been disagreements over the merits of a film but that’s what makes life so interesting. Imagine how the world would be if we all liked the same thing.

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