“When Love is Not Enough” by Wade Kelly— Sometimes Love is Just Not Enough

This book is written by a woman pretending to be a man.

Kelly, Wade. “When Love Is Not Enough”, Dreamspinner Press, 2011.

Sometimes Love is Just Not Enough

Amos Lassen

It is not often that I can say only good things about a first novel and when it happens I get as excited as the writer. Wade Kelly has written a first novel that he can be very proud of as he describes a relationship on the skids. We meet Jimmy Miller who feels he is forced to lead what he calls “a double life”. He seems to have been a victim of the circumstances around him—his parents were divorcing, school was a problem and he had to take care of Matt, his closeted best friend and protector. Jimmy had fallen in love— with a guy, Darian but it was so hard to lie about it that he took the easy way out and walked. He did not realize that he was also lying to himself. This is the story of six years that end because of deception and lies that cause Jimmy to lose his life because he is unable to decide what his priorities are (or is there something else?).

Granted that when a book starts like this, the reader knows that he is in for an emotional read. When Jimmy felt that he could no longer stand to live the life that he was living, he ended it and he left behind him a very hurt and angry best friend in Matt and a lover, Darian, who is torn to bits.

It was only natural that Matt and Darian sought each other out for solace and in their loss they found each other. However, the friendship they had was tested about what they each had had with Jimmy. Jimmy had kept a journal with his innermost thoughts written in it and the question that we ponder is if what is there is enough to make the tragedy easier to bear and perhaps bring two people who need each other together. Both Matt and Darian have a lot to learn and the major lesson is that it takes more than love to build something between two people. Fate always plays a part and learning to deal with fate is part of growing up. I am not going to tell you how the story ends but I will tell you that the book is an emotional experience especially when we learn why Jimmy did what he did.

Kelly has created some wonderful characters that allow us to enter their minds and share their emotions. We see the difficulty that we face in accepting ourselves and the difficulties that are faced in the process. Each of the characters is flawed in his own way but we can identify with them and they are endearing. Undoubtedly you will have a favorite and what I felt that even though love is not always enough, a little more love and tenderness might have gone a long way. Wade Kelly gives us something to think about and to weep over but the rewards of what he has written are worth every tear.

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