“SCENES OF INQUIRY”— Four Short Films by Michael J. Saul

“Scenes of Inquiry”

Four Short Films by Michael J. Saul

Amos Lassen

One of the things that I love about experimental films is that they challenge the mind and that is exactly how I feel by this collection of four short films by Michael J. Saul. They are diverse and yet each has some relation to the others as we look at the theme of young love.

“Morning Dance” made me go back in memory and think about when I first loved and was it not an obsessive kind of love. The young are not aware of obsession and then before we know youth is gone and as reality and maturity set in, we tend to lament that loss of youth, of innocence and the lost of purity.

“Dominus” is about a young teen found dead in the pool o mhos backyard after a confrontation between he and his father about the teen’s sexuality. His loss of innocence is reflected in his loss of life.

“Hover” is a bit more difficult to describe as it deals with the paranormal. We see a teen vampire in his self-imposed exile as his mother helps capture his victims. That satisfaction of desires makes him whole yet he is in a world where he does not belong.

Youthful love letters that are both beautiful and sad are the theme of “Don’t Read Now” and all of us have had some experience in passing notes that are not to be read “now”. These notes contain our secrets that we write about but we do not want the face of the person who gets the note as he reads.

The artistic qualities of the movies is high and they are all set to a musical score by Steven M. Miller that indeed heightens what we see, However, if you are expecting films with  cut and dry themes, this may not be for you. To watch these films, you must let yourself go to where they take you.


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