“Magic Fingers: An Avondale Story” by Etienne— Overcoming Insecurity

Etienne. “Magic Fingers: An Avondale Story”, Dreamspinner Press, 2011.

Overcoming Insecurity

Amos Lassen

It is always a good day when there is something new by Etienne to read. I admire the man who late in life decided to try his hand at writing and who has not stopped. (I really admire almost anyone who allows me to review their book).

This is a bit different than the other books by Etienne that I have read. It is the story of David Majors who has returned home after tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is going to school on the G.I. Bill and he is doing well academically. David is what we might call a “hunk”. He is fit and tall and handsome but underneath his good looking exterior, David has battle scars and he is insecure. He meets Kevin Boxer who is also a former army man and on that first night, Kevin shows David what being desired is all about and penetrates his vulnerability and slowly helps him become the man he wants to be. What David discovers as the two begin to build a life together is that Kevin has some scars of his own to deal with.

What is interesting is that Kevin and David did not know each other in the service because they were in different units and at different times. It is pure coincidence that they both came back to go to college and they both lived near each other but went to different schools and then met at a gay bar. I really wish I had been given more information about the characters because I really wanted to know them and for the first time, Etienne did not give me that option. There is a little something else in this story that I am not telling you because I feel to do so would be to insert a spoiler in my review.

Etienne does write about the treatment of gays in the military and about coming out to family and about relationships but this is not my favorite of his books. Something seemed to be missing and hopefully it will turn up in his next book.

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