“Bounty of Love” by Scotty Cade— Love, Alaskan Style

Cade, Scotty. “Bounty of Love”, Dreamspinner Press, 2011.

Love, Alaskan Style

Amos Lassen

I love it when a writer that I champion keeps getting better and better. I remember reading Cade’s first book and thinking that this is a writer that is going to be very big one day and then I saw his writing mature through his second and third books. Now with “Bounty of Love”, we have the matured and excellent storytelling of Scotty Cade who gives us a wonderful story that is beautifully written.

On the night before Zander Walsh was to marry Darren, he and his future husband and his parents were shot when they came home and mangled a robbery in progress. When Zander awakens from a coma that he had been in for three weeks, he learns that he is the only survivor and what had been a dream of a life suddenly shattered.

FBI agent Jake Elliot is sent in to investigate the case and he ultimately finds the murderer who then managed to escape and after half a year of searching for him both Zander and Jake realize that something is not quite right. They also see that something has developed between them that cannot be denied or overlooked. As they continue looking for the killer once again, they learn that the fatal night when so much changed Zander’s life was something more than an interrupted robbery and that perhaps the truth is being hidden by politics and business.

Cade shows the transition of a festive event to one of death in a way that he immediately pulls the reader in. Zander’s life has been turned around and he feels that he wants to be dead like the others. Then the will to live returns to him and it is fairly obvious that Jake had something to do with that. Of course the question arises to what happened that night and was it really just a robbery that went bad?  There are many questions without answers. Cade also manages to turn sorrow into joy for Zander who had lost the will to live and contrary to what Neely Meadows has to say about the quality of the writing, Cade’s exposition of the change in Zander is beautiful to read. (And I do not believe that I saw the use of “WTF” in the text in the way it was overused in Meadow’s review).

Once again Cade has created characters that are real to life and he even adds some new ones here. I totally enjoyed the step backwards in time as it fleshed out the other books as well. Sure I can quibble about the use of I Phones but that is so minor that it is not even deserving of a mention although some of the reviewers felt it was and that is why I added the sentence. We have to all relax and realize that we are reading fiction and for me there are only two rules for fiction—that the story be good and the writing be just as good. Cade does that again here and I am looking forward to whatever else comes out of his mind.

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