“L.A. ZOMBIE ” (softcore)— Bad Boy LaBruce

“L.A. Zombie (Softcore)”

Bad Boy LaBruce

Amos Lassen

There are two versions of Bruce LaBruce’ “L.A. Zombie” and I have reviewed the hardcore version elsewhere on my site. This is my review of the softcore version from Strand Releasing. However, there are some explicit sex scenes in this version as well.

Bruce LaBruce is the Canadian bad boy of cinema and he will make a film about whatever he wants. “L.A. Zombie” is “a sexual analysis of contemporary gay culture”. Francoise Sagat, international porn star (famous for his tattooed hair) stars as an alien creature, a zombie as he comes from the sea and tries to understand Los Angeles, his new home. His acquaintance with the city begins with his being picked up on the road by a surfer driving a truck and an accident soon took place resulting in the death of the surfer and the zombie having sex with him. (There is a lot of blood in the film—so much of it that I felt I needed a mop nearby). The zombie leaves the accident and soon finds himself in the city among the homeless of Los Angeles. At this point it is not clear if he is indeed a zombie or just someone who is schizophrenic and suffering from delusions. He seems to be some kind of savior as he begins his quest to find some dead men and bring them back to “life”.

LaBruce has dealt with zombies and porn since the early 1990’s and has even played a zombie on screen. He made the film “Otto or, Up with Dead People”, a sexually explicit film that made its way on the festival circuit. While touring with this film, LaBruce announced that he thought that zombie porn was the wave of the future and this is his contribution to the new genre.

Below is my review of the hardcore version.

L.A. Zombie”

Bruce LaBruce Directs Porn

Amos Lassen

I have always loved Bruce LaBruce’s films mainly because he pushes the envelope as far as he can and on “L.A. Zombie” he went all the way. If you are a LaBruce fan you should have seen this coming as his films of late have become more and more raw and sensational. This film borders on the insane—there is a lot going on here. Now understand please that I am in no way panning this film—the opposite—I loved it. I loved it because it is different and it is bold (and very bloody).

Francois Sagat stars as either a homeless man who is mentally deficient or as an alien zombie, we never know and it is never explained. He wanders the streets of Los Angeles looking for the newly dead so that he can have sex with them and if he enters them with his massive equipment, they will return to life. Some of our favorite porn stars make appearances here—Wolf Hudson, Matthew Rush, Eddie Diaz, Adam Killian, Erik Rhodes, Francesco D’Macho and there is a scene in which several of them are massacred having an orgy in blood.

There is hardly any dialog and it is the music that the performers act against. The make-up is fantastic and the movie is a total experience. However there are many who will be offended by what they see here and I who can watch almost anything had to stop watching in some places during the first viewing. After all, it is just a movie and we live at a time when anything goes and “anything went” in the making of “L.A. Zombie”. It is a cinematic, erotic happening in which there are no boundaries.



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    Hi, thanks for the review. Do you know where can i download the softcore version? I found only the hardcore.


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