“MAN AT BATH”—- When Love is Gone

“Man at Bath” (“Homme au bain”)

When Love is Gone

Amos Lassen

Director Christophe gives us hi homage and letter to Francoise Sagat, a gay porn star. Starting with a scene of male rape between Emmanuel (Sagat) and Omar (Dustin Segura Suarez), a filmmaker is overtaken by Emmanuel, his boyfriend as he is getting ready to leave for New York. This is how their relationship ended but it also the beginning of their understanding as to how each can live without the other.

Omar had reached the point that he was no longer happy in his relationship with Emmanuel so the fact that Emmanuel is leaving for New York for a promotional tour came just at the right time. Both men do whatever it takes to let the other know that the relationship is over. The usual reaction to an ended relationship is resentment and we certainly see that here.

With the title of “Man at Bath” we can expect to see a lot of bare skin and that we do. The nudity I not gratuitous and it advance the plot—we do see a succession of different men and women that attempt to prove to Emmanuel and Omar that there is nothing left and the relationship is over.

Emmanuel does appear sad at times and we see that there is a vulnerability to him. It is interesting to see Sagat take on an acting role (even if he is nude). This is a strange film and obviously not for everyone. I personally enjoyed it.



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