“IN THE CLOSET”— A Fascinatingly Creepy Short


A Fascinatingly Creepy Short

Amos Lassen

On a regular night with nothing special going on, shy and awkward Press has his first sexual experience with a trick, Griffin (J.T, Tepnapa), who has been around the block several times. The two share secrets and passions but this is not for free. The two are total opposites—Griffin is talkative and self-confident, Press (Brent Corrigan) is shy and a virgin and he is clumsy and somewhat cold. The two are defined in the way that they differ and these differences are really seen when it comes to sex. Yet even with the differences there is something there between them.

The question we have to ask ourselves is if there is a lot of both o them in us. If one is missing is the other lonely? Is one black and the other white and are there shades of gray? Does that mean that if someone comes out of the closet that someone else goes in? Is there always something in the closet?

This is a look at a one-nighter that will only happen once. Griffin thinks he is lucky when Press is so cute and eager and new. Griffin wants to break him in and give him an experience he will never forget. However, something happens and as Press comes out, Griffin goes back into the closet (but “in the closet” takes on a different meaning here).

Griffin is a man on a journey and the two stars are perfect for their roles (and we get quite a different look at Corrigan’s acting ability).

Jody Wheeler wrote and directed this short film of somewhat creepy fun with dark motivations. Running only ten minutes long, the shortness heightens the creepiness and the movie is quite chilling. There is a sense of mystery from the very beginning. We sense that there is a secret somewhere and that is what draws us into the film and even with usual so-so porn section, all is redeemed in the end.

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