“Prairie Springs”– Passing Judgement


Williamson, L.R. “Prairie Springs”, Book Surge, 2007.

Passing Judgment

Amos Lassen

Lance Williamson has developed some unforgettable characters in his novel “Prairie Springs”. They seem so real that I actually felt that if I looked up from the pages of the book I might see one of them sitting in my study. We know from our own experience that no matter where someone lives, there are always people who pass judgment and feel that the way they live is the only true way. Then there are those who are content to accept people as they are. “Prairie Springs” has both kinds of people. In Prairie Springs all kinds of people live together in the small town. The citizens of the town, by and large, love their lives and their religions and their relationships.

Anna Aaron, a Jewish New Yorker has moved to Prairie Springs, leaving behind her job on Wall Street, to take a teaching position in small town, Baptist Texas. Her best friend is a gay man, Kyle Brickey. These are our main characters but there are other “characters” in Prairie Springs. There is a hooker who will do whatever she can to please her clients, even if it means dressing as a super-hero. There is also a grandmother “type” who keeps a little something stashed in her wig. There is also the mayor’s wife, who does everything by the book and perfectly. She likes everyone but….she has a secret all her own.

The book is about hatred in a small Southern town with old fashioned religious prejudices and it is filled with suspense and romance. I tell you this—the town of Prairie Springs sounds like a lot of fun. Once I began the book I did not want to stop reading because I was having so much fun. The book charms and enchants. It is a great summer read.

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