“Pierce”– Finding Answers

Ferrari, Roberto. “Pierce”. Harrington Park Press, 2007.

Finding Answers

Amos Lassen

“Pierce”, a first novel by Roberto Ferrari is magical, psychological and real, it grabs the reader’s interest on the first page and the beauty of the book does not stop even when the covers are closed. Weave in a gay love story and you have a read you are not likely to forget.

Every family has secrets. Some come to light and some are meant never to be discovered. When Matt Pierce was killed in an automobile accident, graduate student, Leo Vasari’s (Matt’s lover) life was torn asunder. To make matters worse, a year later Matt’s mother, Millie, attempts suicide. Leo realizes that the Pierce family has secrets and he is determined to earth them. Still mourning the death of his lover, Leo dives head on into the heart of the Pierce family. As he toils his way into the family secrets, he finds another chance at love but will not allow himself to indulge until he finds out the real reasons for his lover’s death. As he searches for truth, Leo must struggle with both sadness and guilt and while doing so he discovers those secrets that were never meant to see the light of day.

If I had to find one word to describe “Pierce”, it would have to be vivid. Everything about this books is vivid—the characters, the plot, and the action. It is a book that pulls you in, rests on your brain, and leads you to a sense of awe at the beauty of the book. It seems as if every word is chosen precisely, each action is developed beautifully, and each character is real to the core.

When I finished reading, I sat back and mused over what I had read and I was perfectly useless—the book affected me so deeply. I had become close to the characters and empathetic towards them. It was as if I had found a whole new circle of friends. I felt Leo’s pain when he learned of the death of Matt and I commiserated with him about Millie’s attempted suicide. It was not enough that she is Matt’s mother but she is also Leo’s close friend. I understand his shock at learning about the Pierce family and I feared for him as he discovered what he did.

I am sure that those who read “Pierce” will feel much the same. The crystal clear prose used to tell the story sparkles but if I have to laud one thing it is the amazing character development. “Pierce” is just an amazing book that should be read by all. It teaches us how to deal with grief and how to deal with ourselves.