“ROH”— A Malayan Horror Film


A Malayan Horror Film

Amos Lassen


Emir Ezwan’s “ROH” and is set in the past and tells the story of a mother and her two children living in the forest who were one day visited by a mysterious child. This child laid the foundation for all the events that transpires throughout the movie. 

From the beginning of the movie to the end, the cinematography is amazing. The biggest attribute present in the film is the impeccable atmosphere created around the remote village. It plays up the isolation and superstition that runs rampant in the area. This is aided by the dark stories about what’s out in the woods and the series of accidents that befalls them soon after. Something far more dangerous than they bargained for is there. Since they ended up taking in the little girl from the jungle, their unknowing of the true danger awaiting them and falling into the supernatural through pure bad luck carries a lot of weight as things begin to spiral out of control.

There are overt horror thrills. The initial opening of the body being buried in the mud and then ceremoniously stabbed at provides a chilling start to things much like when the family brings the girl into their home. Once that happens, the strange incidents around them begin to pile up and z sense of unease and dread builds. With the supernatural events getting so bad that a local healer must be brought in, the sense of black magic rituals and ceremonies that are performed in a futile attempt to ward off the sinister forces at play fit into the groundwork of the universe but also add a fun dimension to the film. As the effects of the curse start to take hold and the events get bloodier, the film picks up considerably, providing great action and some brutal effects-work.

A great story, plenty of chilling aspects at play and not too many detrimental elements makes “ROH” entertaining.