“The Museum of an Extinct Race” by Jonathan Hale Rosen— Faith and Resurrection

Rosen, Jonathan Hale. “The Museum of an Extinct Race”, Atmosphere Press, 2021.

Faith and Resurrection

Amos Lassen

“The Museum of an Extinct Race” is story about faith and resurrection at a time of great persecution. Hitler’s Germany has won the war and conquered the world and has succeeded in eliminating Jews and Judaism. 70 years later, Hitler’s successors realize the fuhrer’s desire for a museum to memorialize that extermination. 

The story is told through the eyes of Dano Adamik, a Czech native who is talked into curating the museum, and Eva Novak, a museum docent of Jewish heritage-who shows the subjugated society that had been dominated by a self-proclaimed super race. We are taken into a world with no Jews and without the ethical guidance of Judaism.

Mystery, emotion, and historical depth come together to give us the story of one man’s torn conscience as he faces political and personal oppression. We confront what happens in a world where six plus millions souls are left to inherit the consequences. In an attempt to tackle the issue of political domination. The question arises of what happens when history is rewritten and evil wins. Here is a world of corruption in which redemption/humanity comes through the dialogue of the main two characters. We examine the questioning nature of theology, the relevance of Jewish heritage and perseverance of hope.