“MASCARPONE”— An Italian Queer Dramedy


An Italian Queer Dramedy

Amos Lassen

Directors Alessandro Guida and Matteo Pilati bring us “Mascapone” a dramedy. It all starts when Antonio (Giancarlo Commare) wakes up alone in bed. His husband Lorenzo (Carlo Calderone) isn’t there.  Antonio goes about his day, going to the gym, making a pastry as a surprise and enjoying married life. Then Lorenzo comes home and asks for a divorce. Antonio is now adrift.

He finds a spare room with Denis (Eduardo Valdarnini), a flamboyant sex worker. Denis introduces Antonio to Luca (Gianmarco Saurino), the owner of a small bakery that needs help. Working with Luca, Antonio discovers his passion for baking. In doing so, he learns to become the person he’s has needed in his life for a long time.

“Mascarpone” is a  celebration of queer friendships. Denis and Luca look out for Antonio as he finds his way on dating apps and eventually rediscovering his sexual groove.  .

Even with some missed opportunities to make the film feel tonally complex, things come together. Captivating performances and fine direction keep the audience interested and amused.