“Who’s Afraid of Michael Kearns?: 3 Full-Length Plays by Michael Kearns” by Michael Kearns— A Career in Print

Kearns, Michael. “Who’s Afraid of Michael Kearns?: 3 Full-Length Plays by Michael Kearns”, F Stop Books, 2021.

A Career in Print

Amos Lassen

Many of you may know Michael Kearns as a theatre actor who also appeared in television and film. He is  an award-winning, internationally-acclaimed artist who has played many roles (in the entertainment industry) and has been an  actor, director, playwright, dramaturge, acting teacher, writing teacher, author, producer, and solo performer. Beginning with the AIDS crisis, Kearns became an artist-activist whose work, while not exclusively, has largely focused on HIV/AIDS. In his new book, “Who’s Afraid of Michael Kearns”, he gives us a

collection of three he has written.  “Who’s Afraid of Edward Albee?” looks at the backstage drama of four male actors in Edward’s Albee’s, “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf”. “Bang Bang” is about a school shooting and examines violence and American society’s “addiction to the spectacle of carnage, power, and sex.” “Bloodbound” is about the physical love between two brothers–one who is an author and the other who is a prisoner serving life a life sentence. We look at their emotional entanglements and see the injustices of mass incarceration within a love story and we see how life narratives change over the years.  

All three plays look at what it means to be human in a world that is “challenged by unspeakable tragedy that hovers over the lives of the characters.”

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