“Oy Gevalt: A Little Book of Yiddish”– When You Need It

“Oy Gevalt: A Little Book of Yiddish”, Living Language, 2000.

When You Need It

Amos Lassen

It really is a pity that Yiddish, which was one the language of the Jews of Europe, is dead. It has so many wonderful expressions that just do not quite have a match in English. Sometimes a Yiddish phrase is just what you need to get the point across. We loved it when Streisand said she was “verklempt” even though many people had no idea of what she was saying. Nevertheless, “verklempt” was the prefect way to describe the way she felt. Saying “Mazel Tov” seems to mean so much more that congratulations, and sometimes saying the right thing at the right time is so much better in a foreign language.

“Oy Gevalt” is the perfect little book for such a situation. It gives you the chance to add a little color to your speech. Its fun, it’s original and it is all right here in a little book that will conveniently fit in your pocket. Be a “mensch” and pick up a copy and all the “bubalehs” will think that you committed a great “mitzvah”. It doesn’t take “chutzpah” to be “haimish” and people will not think you are “misheggeh” when you “schmooze” with the “mommaluckshen”.