“LUST”— A Tormented Writer


A Tormented Writer

Amos Lassen

The well-known crime writer Lisa Rostorp has isolated herself in her own apartment after an ugly assault. She is visited daily by psychiatrists, has extreme nightmares, takes tablets and drinks a lot of wine to make the days go by. One day she suddenly gets a video that shows someone who has filmed her in secret and her paranoia reaches new heights.

Director Severin Eskeland’s “Lust” is visually violent and a strong Norwegian horror film of mental disorders and the aftermath of an abuse. Lisa has entrenched herself at home and has constantly recurring nightmares and struggles. Her psychologist (Sondre Krogtoft Larsen) seems to get nowhere with her. We see repeated scenes of breakdowns and alternates between different mental stages.

The film progresses slowly from time to time but it does not become very strongly engaging, despite a very visual violence, neither in effect nor in empathy around Lisa.This is certainly not for everyone. It is not so much a classic horror, but more a very grotesque visual depiction of psychosis and strong anxiety.

Shot in 2015 over two weeks, ittells the story of the famous crime writer Lisa Rostorp who becomes a victim after a crazed fan brutally attacks her. Not only her psychiatrist but Lisa herself starts to question where reality ends and fantasy takes over. It doesn’t take long before she is convinced that her attacker is back and stalking her and Lisa unravels.


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