“NELLY QUEEN: The Life and Times of José Sarria”— The Wearer of the Crown

“NELLY QUEEN: The Life and Times of José Sarria”

The Wearer of the Crown

Amos Lassen

“The right to congregate (think: Pride and gay bars). Out LGBTQ+ politicians. The Imperial Courts. Some people may not know that these facets of an out-and-proud life have a common root in the inimitable José Sarria, but this sweeping documentary will leave you with no doubt about whose crown to kiss in thanks. Directed by Sarria’s long-time friend Joseph R. Castel, Nelly Queen documents the public personas and private losses that shaped one of the most influential queens of our community.”

“From Sarria’s beginnings as a well-accoutered child to his death in 2013, high camp and vintage footage bring to life lost gay bars (like the infamous Black Cat, where Sarria entertained a generation of patrons); the annual trek of Sarria’s alter-ego the Widow Norton; and his 1961 run for public office—the first openly gay candidate in the US. Interviews with Sarria’s friends and members of the Imperial Court contextualize the feats and (theatrical) follies that define Sarria’s lasting impact, elevating his relentless spirit, while inviting us into the intimate moments that helped—or hindered—his quest for an unapologetic life.”

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