“Hidden Wings” by Sara Larca— New Beginnings



Larca, Sara. “Hidden Wings”, Mascot Books, 2021.

New Beginnings

Amos Lassen

In “Hidden Wings”, writer Sara Larca introduces us to Rain (short for Rainbow) who, after facing a really rough decision, is ready to start a new life on Earth. She had been through hard times simply by following her own feelings as she tried to fit into a society that did not want her. Meeting a stranger,  she learned to accept herself, understanding that this was the most important thing that she could do but it also meant that what is unexpected can open many doors.

We so badly need books like these for young readers. Combining fantasy with thought and imagination, we read how our souls can be transformed. Rain needed to be patient if she were to find the acceptance that she so badly wanted and this involved her becoming a completely new entity that what she could ever have imagined. She becomes a flying horse and this is what she chose because of her affection for sky and land.

Pegasus is one of those animals that are forgotten and mythical and Rain soon learns how difficult it is to be one-of-a-kind when there are no others like her. It is not until she meets an elephant named Ellie that she begins to see that it is important to recognize her differences and hold them dear and near. 

Acceptance of those who are different has always been a societal problem. It means having to find a family and a way-of-life in order to continue existing, at the very least. We certainly see this with transgender people who yearn for and then find their own way of being accepted.

This is a short read that packs a wallop. It is beautifully written with a powerful message and is perfect for middle schoolers. I love when a book comes to me unexpectedly and makes me sit up and take notice.

In today’s world, we must place more emphasis on inclusion and individuals not to mention compassion. We must, at an early age, learn how to develop these traits and incorporate them into our lives. Confidence does not come to us naturally, it is a learned activity along with learning how to persevere during rough times and that journey is not easy. Writer Larca gives us an example in Rain and while we do not identify easily with flying horses, we can easily identify with the feelings of an outsider.

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  1. Sara larca

    Thank you so much for the glowing review! I really appreciate you taking the time to read Hidden Wings! I’m working on a second book which I’d love to also send your way!


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