“BEYTO”— Love, Self-determination and Freedom


Love, Self-determination and Freedom

Amos Lassen

Beyto (Burak Ates) makes his parents proud. He has good grades, does not cause any problems and helps out in his parents’ kebab shop in Switzerland. His great passion is swimming and as long as his education doesn’t suffer, his parents accept it. Beyto’s immigrant family from Central Anatolia makes one thing very clear: their son should have it better than they do themselves. However, this hope is suddenly ruined when Beyto falls in love with his trainer Maik (Dimitri Stapfer).

Even though Beyto is keeps his relationship with Maik a secret from his parents, rumors begin. It becomes clear to his parents that Beyto must be straightened out. They a wedding with Seer (Ecem Aydin), Beyto’s childhood friend and Beyto finds himself in an unexpected triangular relationship and has to decide between freedom or tradition, love or family.

The film looks at the search for identity in exists in tension between two cultures but this is a heavy topic and the dialogue is often too constructed causing us not to get to know the characters well even though the chemistry between the actors is excellent.