“PLAYDURIZM”— A Black Comedy


A Black Comedy

Amos Lassen

Demir (Gem Deger) wakes up in a fancy apartment with no idea how he got there or who he really is. He just feels he doesn’t belong there and thus wants to leave. He runs into Andrew (Austin Chunn), who claims this is actually Demir’s apartment and he’s Demir’s roommate. He also claims Demir has suffered from amnesia before. Even though it doesn’t sound quite right, Demir accepts Andrew’s explanation because he feels weirdly drawn to Andrew. Andrew’s girlfriend Drew (Issy Stewart) does not agree with Demir’s amnesia-story. She thinks Demir just wants to take her man for himself and once Andrew’s out, she tries to stab Demir. However, during the  struggle she gets hit on the head and is knocked out. That evening, Drew overdoses and dies, which doesn’t bother Andrew too much, and he and Demir hide her body inside the couch. From then on, Andrew tries to fulfill each and every of Demir’s wishes and romance between the two men begins. Demir starts to remember how he got here  and the story is not wonderful.

This is a very strange film bring together black comedy, thriller and horror elements as well as surrealism and the bizarre. The setting feels unreal yet everything works because of a clever screenplay and fine direction.