“The Counting of Sins: A Love Story” by Robert Joseph Greene— A Capsule Review

Greene, Robert Joseph. “The Counting of Sins: A Love Story”, Icon Empire Press,, 2020.

A Capsule Review

Amos Lassen

It is impossible to discount the amount of influence that the Bible plays in our lives even for those who eschew what it says. Whether we believe what is says or not, we are aware that the concept of sin is everywhere. We learn about sin from an early age and for some reason many of us buy not only into the idea but we also believe that we can be forgiven. In fact, we are told that all of us can be forgiven of the odd number of 490 sins during our lifetimes. Does that mean that if we commit 491, we are not forgiven for that one as well? To better understand that question, we must also know what is defined as a sin.

Baxter Holm was raised in an affluent family in 1920s in Newark, New Jersey. He is torn in the struggle of dealing with his sexuality preference for men and having to choose between two men. His path to this decision is the focus of this beautifully written short novel that takes us to places that many other novels so not and it will have you thinking long after you finish the read.  In just about an hour’s time, your mind will be opened to some of the issues you do not readily admit that you think about and we see that faith does indirectly play a part in the way we live our lives.

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