“A Meeting of Two Prophets” by Judah Tasa— The Power of the Human Spirit

Tasa, Judah. “A Meeting of Two Prophets”, Independently Published, 2021.

The Power of the Human Spirit

Amos Lassen

Mo is a bright, young Muslim from Manchester who has struggled with depression his entire life. As he begins tentative steps toward healing, he embarks on a journey of self-discovery that surprises everyone , but most of all, himself.

Moishe is an eighteen-year-old Chasidic Jew from London who has always known where his life will lead. As he studies religious texts in Jerusalem, he awaits the day he will marry and start a family, however,  tough questions force him to face what he knows about himself but not dealt with. 

The two meet by chance and soon their lives come together in ways they could never have thought and with unavoidable consequences that force them to deal with political, religious, and social barriers. Both boys love God and their religions and the cultures that they live in. If it had not been that they were on the same airplane heading for Jerusalem, they might never have met. Mutual attraction is almost immediate but they are both aware that homosexuality isaforbiddentabooin both of their religions.

Nonetheless, they begin tospend time togetherand understand that theyare falling for one another, but that could mean that they will have to sacrifice their ways and their ways of life. They decide to share a vacation together near the Jordan valley to come to decisions.  An added problem with which they must deal is the Palestinian conflict, the backdrop on which the story is set. The cultural differences of the two boys and their inner conflicts are the focus of the novel. The story takes us on a journey of understanding and acceptance.

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