“Sexuality: A Graphic Guide” by Meg-John Baker and illustrated by Jules Scheele— Quite a Look at Sex

Baker, Meg-John. “Sexuality: A Graphic Guide”, illustrated by Jules Scheele, Icon Books, 2021.

Quite a Look at Sex

Amos Lassen

I would venture to say that the sex drive is perhaps the most important aspect of human life and sex is everywhere, defining who we are and our place in society. Yet, it is only recently that sex has become openly spoken about and remains a mystery to many. Some associate sex with fear and shame and others find the topic to be frustrating. We are often judgmental about it even with the plethora of information about sex that we are bombarded with. We debate sexual issues and talk about sexual dysfunction and we see ads for penile erectile problems on prime time television.

Surely the time has come that we can approach sex differently and that is what “Sexuality: A Graphic Guide” does. Through “compassion, humor, erudition and a touch of the erotic”, Meg-John Barker and Jules Scheele bring us new ideas  and ways about looking at sex. Here we explore sexuality in new ways, never forgetting that there are still those who see sex as a taboo topic. The book is a  comprehensive overview of sexuality including the history of how we once saw sex and how we see it today. At its core, we deal with sexual identity and how we understand this as well as the sexual gamut— “how we define sex, desires, erotic relationships, how sex works, consent, the future of sex, and thinking sex, or how sex connects to everything around us and how by thinking more widely and openly about it we can transform other aspects of our lives too.”

If you have ever wondered why we see sex as problematic, this book has the answers and the explanations. We see how, over time, we have misunderstood sex and how our concepts of gender have come to us. We hear from various  authors, theorists and academics and gain ideas for further study. There is a lot to learn here and doing so in a graphic manner making for a fascinating read about a fascinating topic.



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