“My Brother the Messiah” by Martin Vopenka—- The Near Future

Vopenka, Martin. “My Brother the Messiah”, translated by Anna Gustava Bryson, Barbican, 2021.

The Near Future

Amos Lassen

One of the books that I have been looking forward to is Czech writer Martin Vopneka’s, “My Brother the Messiah”. It is set in 2096 when Europe is suffering a drought and is badly in need of rain. Instead, it gets Eli who is born near Prague and his birth is heralded by a rainstorm. Unfortunately Eli dies young and there are questions as to whether he was ever real. His brother, Marek, is an old man now and he works hard to circulate Eli’s teachings. A young woman joins Marek’s community and the two begin an intimate relationship but the world is falling apart and intimacy is a luxury.

Vopěnka explores many pressing issues of the near future in this beautifully written yet terrifying tale of a future that may not be as distant we think.

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