“THE NEW BLACK” (“Shababnikim”)— Four Students

“THE NEW BLACK” (“Shababnikim”)

Four Students

Amos Lassen

In many cases in Israel, the religious and the secular do not go to school together. We meet four students in Jerusalem who study at a Yeshiva, a place where religious studies and taught. Gedalya, is on the straight and narrow, while the other three prefer to study and play in the park or go to a mall.

They are known as  Shababnikim,  a Hebrew slang word for religious youth who stray. However Shababnikim don’t leave the community and instead stretch the limits of appropriate behavior and while forgoing intense study. While we are too suppose that none of the four have not yet experience having sex, they all want to and it is here that the comedy begins. Watch for this new comedy to be screened on American television. I have known guys like this and so many memories came back to me while watching it.

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