A Special Collector’s Edition

Amos Lassen

“The Mary Millington Collector’s Edition is a apecial collector’s edition (numbered and limited to 3,000) that includes 5 disc Blu-ray releases of “Come Play with Me”, “The Playbirds” and “Confessions From the David Galaxy Affair”. It comes with an 80-page booklet, brand new extras that include short films/documentaries and an. audio commentary.

However, if you are expecting hardcore European porn, you will be disappointed.. This collection presents the softcore British produced titles she was featured in up to the early 1980s. Today these titles would be rated R in North America for nudity and suggestive explicit sex. The purpose of this collection is a tribute to her work and focuses on the tragedy that was her life.

There are five blu-ray discs and a color booklet included in the set. Discs 1-4 each are the four major softcore British titles she was featured in. Each disc also contains clips from some of her hardcore 8mm titles (no hardcore action included!), and at least one short documentary on each disc. Disc 5 is the 2015 produced documentary of her life and I found it to be the interesting title of the set.

Mary Millington’s untimely death before age 35 was tragic. She dealt with a lot of demons throughout her life and these  probably contributed to her tragic outcome. The documentary aspect of this collection highlights the human faults that may be attributed to a life associated in the porn industry.

This is not a set for everyone, of course. If you don’t mind 1970’s and early 80’s English cheeky nudie films, you will find it to your liking.