“THE NIGHT OF THE TWO MOONS”— “You don’t need love to have children, just sex”


“You don’t need love to have children, just sex”

Amos Lassen

Miguel Ferrari, the Venezuelan actor, director and screenwriter, brings us “The Night of Two Moons” based on a real event (which took place in Italy) in which two women had an embryo implanted in the belly of the other by a clinical error. Set in locations in Caracas, on the outskirts of the capital’s political and social upheaval, we get an emotional and inclusive approach to surrogacy.

In the third month of pregnancy, Federica (Maria Barranco) discovers that the baby she is expecting does not have her DNA. She goes to the clinic where the in vitro fertilization treatment took place and they acknowledge having made a mistake, exchanging her embryo with that of another couple. The clinic identifies the woman who had her embryo implanted, but she has had an abortion. Federica decides to continue with her pregnancy and keep the baby, but her biological parents will fight to get it back.

Federica is an ambitious young woman who decides to ask her gay best friend to give her the opportunity to be a mother, through in vitro fertilization. The other young couple start a fight against the clock to be able to get the baby back. The emphasis is on the emotional aspect of the characters and the fears and uncertainties that the passing of the time causes in such a difficult situation for everyone.

Excellent performances and cinematography make this a film you will not soon forget.

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