“The Wasteland” by Jameson Harper and W.A.W. Parker— T.S. Eliot: A Life

Jameson, Harper and W.A.W Parker. “The Wasteland”, Level 4 Press, 2021.

T.S. Eliot: A Life

Amos Lassen

T.S. Eliot works at a bank and has the same routine, day after day. He walks past life, seeing it only through cracks or around corners. However, he has a vivid imagination. One day he meets the out and proud Jack as we was being beaten and Eliot intervenes changing his life forever. After recovering, Jack shows him the gay underground and introduces him to feelings that Eliot had locked way. Now feeling free, Eliot expresses himself through poetry, probably becomes he feels freed for the first time.

The people of London love his poetry and he becomes known—but at a price. He must conform to society’s expectations as the world faces religious intolerance and the expectations to adhere to traditional values. His new success forces him to make a decision and that decision could once again change his life with devastating consequences.

This is the untold story of T.S. Eliot, his secret struggle with being gay, those people who were left in the wake of his career trajectory as well as the madness that allowed him to create his greatest work. We are taken into the places to which homosexuals had to be during the

Jazz Age in London T. S. Eliot has a tumultuous life, struggling to fit in society and reach his potential as an artist at a time when poets were highly regarded and his private life was condemned. We get a look at the Modernist movement and the history of homosexual persecution. 

If you love poetry, reading this is a plus but not necessary. We read of Eliot getting swept up in the wasteland of his mind as he struggled with his insecurity, his desire for fame, and his quest for self in 1920s London.  While he was in the limelight, he moved further and further away from who he really was. This is an absolutely fascinating read.



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