“Blue” by Abigail Padgett— A Detective Thriller

Padgett, Abigail. “Blue” (A Blue McCarron Mystery Book 1), Bywater Books, 2020.

A Detective Thriller

Amos Lassen

Blue who is a social phycologist who has been hired to evaluate an elderly woman who was arrested for murder when a man’s body is found in the woman’s rented food locker. Filled with subplots, twists and turns and fascinating characters, we get an interesting look at the way male culture affects females.

Blue McCarron is a Ph.D. in social psychology who teaches and writes. She is something of a recluse, living in an  abandoned motel in the California desert with her Doberman, Bronte. Her  twin brother is in jail for a felony and she is distraught about her  breakup of her relationship with her former lover, Misha. A body is found in a public freezer and widow Muffin Crandall says that she killed an intruder and then froze the body for five years. Crandall’s brother Dan hires Blue to analyze her and between Blue and forensic psychiatrist Rox, Muffin’s story is totally untrue. It seems that Muffin is protecting someone.

Blue has the ability to analyze unprofitable businesses and give advice on how to succeed and this provides her with a good income. Her doctoral dissertation was on how humans go back to an innate primate behavior when necessary and she uses this to analyze the understand the people who enter her life. When Dan Crandall asks for her help in proving that his sister is innocent of killing a man, her investigation as well as her analysis of human versus primate behavior is what assures her that the sister, who confessed to the crime, is hiding something.

One of the problems with reviewing a mystery is not giving something away that spoils the read for others. Here the mystery, indeed, is mysterious so while I cannot say more about the plot, I can that the characters are wonderfully drawn and, in turn, draw us in. Blue, especially is fascinating with all that she deals with including her past relationship with Misha, her twin brother and the people that the meets. I must admit that it took me a while to get through the beginning of the story before the plot actually begins. However, once I did, I could not stop reading. “Blue” is well written and has quite good humor and the plot is exciting as well as psychological.

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