“If These Ovaries Could Talk: The Things We’ve Learned About Making an LGBTQ Family” by Jaimie Kelton and Robin Hopkins— Making a Family

Kelton, Jaimie and Robin Hopkins. “If These Ovaries Could Talk: The Things We’ve Learned About Making an LGBTQ Family”, Litriot Press, 2020.

Making a Family

Amos Lassen

Jaimie Kelton and Robin Hopkins created and host the podcast, “If These Ovaries Could Talk” and they soon understood that there are some of us who would enjoy having what they say in print and thus this very informative book was born and the families  that we read about here came into being in many different ways. Filled with questions and answers, we read all about what it takes to make a family through the journeys that people have taken.

The book is basically a collection of conversations that the authors had with LGBTQ families and through them we read about the diversity of who we are while we learn from others. It is impossible not to see the honesty and the humor of building a family. We look at such topics as the very basics of beginning a family, who will carry the child, whether or not to use surrogacy or adoption, how to choose a sperm donor, becoming foster parents, giving birth and what being a parent means. We read also of the legal situations that can occur and discussing birth with children.

There is wonderful banter between the authors and their interviewees and it is filled with compassion, sincere and often very funny. It is also totally educative. I felt, at times, that I was sitting with the authors and the families having a fascinating chat over coffee and not just reading words off of a page. With all that we are going through right now, “If These Ovaries Could Talk” is a breath of fresh air and a great guide for those who are thinking about building a family as well as for those who are already parents. This is more than a book, it is an experience and a journey that takes us to places we may never have thought of. It is filled with the emotions of laughter and joy and it celebrates the concept of family both humorously and seriously.

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