“Two Dads Under the Christmas Tree” by Tobias Mile and illustrated by Milan Samadder— A Book for All of Us

Mile, Tobias. “Two Dads Under the Christmas Tree”,  (1) (Jayden’s Funny Tales), illustrated by Milan Samadder, True Colors Lab, 2020.

A Book For All of Us

Amos Lassen

“Two Dads Under the Christmas Tree” might look like a children’s book but it is really for everyone.  The first book in a series by Tobias Mile, it is alladoption. We meet Jayden who tries to tell everyone what adoption is and how beautifully it can change a child’s life. The story is sensitively written and touching as it looks at diversity. Families today are different than they ever were before. Jayden’s family is a wonderful example of this and we can see that is a great tool for explaining to diversity and inclusiveness. More important, it teaches respect for others, something that has become lost in recent years for many.

Author Mile includes humor through delightful stories that deal with adoption, human rights and respect for diversity and these stories are told by Jayden in his own language. We see that love is love and does not depend upon race, sex and other limits. It is a feeling we have for others and this feeling is what is so important. What a great way for parents to be able to teach their children about families that are non-traditional and about adoption. It is also a wonderful way for parents to learn from Jayden.

While it is set at Christmas, it is relevant at any season and I cannot praise it enough. We do not need a holiday for a love story—- all we need is the love and we certainly feel that in Jayden’s family. The artwork by Milan Samadder is gorgeous and so uplifting. I felt that Big Dad and Little Dad became my friends and Jayden represents a kind of “everychild” who does all the things that children do. You will find memories flooding back and begin to look at things differently.