“Tiny” by Malread Case— How We Mourn

Case, Mairead. “Tiny”, Featherproof Books, 2020.

How We Mourn

Amos Lassen

With “Tiny”, Mairead Case gives us a contemporary, poetic retelling of Sophocles’ “Antigone” that is set in the Pacific Northwest. Tiny, a teenage girl, has a brother who kills himself after coming home from a far-away war. Tiny is confused by death but she also understands it in a way that her dad and the government just can’t see. She misses her brother, but-with the help of Izzy, her best friend Izzy, boyfriend Hank, and  night at a collective dance night in an old artificial limb store, she manages to escape being frozen in grief. “Tiny” explores how we mourn and move on. We see that being vulnerable is something of a sacrifice and that by mourning, death becomes a participatory act. Case takes us on an emotional journey that looks at death and how we del with it. We also see how we are brought together by love.