“Erato: Flash Fiction” edited by Alex Freeman, T.C. Mill and Guinivere Charles— The Erotic Imagination

Freeman, Alex, T.C. Mill and Guinevere Chase, (editors). “Erato: Flash Fiction”, The New Smut Project, 2020.

The Erotic Imagination

Amos Lassen

“Erato” is a collection of fifty erotic short stories filled with diverse characters, themes and settings. We go back in time, go to the future and also stay in the present as we are thrilled by unique language and fascinating characters who explore the gamut of sexuality and eroticism. Taken together this is a celebration of sensuality in all of its forms. I felt as if I was on a journey to a dream world.

We have stories from both experienced storytellers and new talent “who caress the senses and linger in the mind.” The stories are short enough (6 pages or less) to read over a cup of coffee in the morning before work, during a break or just before bed. Literarily speaking the book is filled with special treats for all people and for all tastes. I love the creativity of the writers and enjoyed the kinkiness of some of the selections. It is not often that each selection in an anthology is a good read but that is certainly true here and each story expands the imagination as it has something to say about the way we live today.

I have always had a hard time reviewing anthologies because I have to decide whether to look at the book as a whole or go through each selection and write about it (this is not an option here with fifty stories). You might think that I am making general statements here when I say the entire book is an exciting read but I am not. I am sincere in saying that. I am sure that every reader will find stories here that will take them away. Because of the variety and diversity of the stories, there are stories for everyone.