“Transgender Intimate Partner Violence” edited by Adam M. Messinger and Xavier L. Guadalupe-Diaz— Transgender Relationship Violence

Messinger, Adam M. and Xavier L. Guadalupe-Diaz (editors). “Transgender Intimate Partner Violence”, NYU Press, 2020.

Transgender Relationship Violence

Amos Lassen

About fifty percent of transgender people will experience intimate partner violence in their relationships and this includes psychological, physical, or sexual abuse. In Transgender Intimate Partner Violence, Adam M. Messinger and Xavier L. Guadalupe-Diaz bring together scholars, service providers, activists, and others to examine this violence and in doing so, we learn of the often-hidden experiences of transgender survivors. 

Drawing on twenty years of research, contributors explore transgender intimate partner violence and give us an overview of this emerging body of policy, research, and practice. Here are practices to better research, services, and healing for survivors.  We gain insight
into how to create a compassionate and inclusive world for transgender communities.

Transgender individuals experience some of the highest rates of intimate partner violence and this is what we see in this  interdisciplinary collection that brings together diverse views and writers who address the complexities of transgender perpetrators of this kind of violence.


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