“Tell Me About It 3: LGBTQ Secrets, Confessions, and Life Stories” by Sukie De La Croix and Owen Keehnen— Remembering

De la Croix, Sukie and Owen Keehnen. “Tell Me About It 3: LGBTQ Secrets, Confessions, and Life Stories”, Rattling Good Yarns Press, 2020.


Amos Lassen

Historians St Sukie de la Croix and Owen Keehnen, have been recording and collecting the memories, personal experiences, and anecdotes of the LGBTQ communities for many years and this evolved into the “The Tell Me About It” series. Now in the third book of this series, they bring us answers to groups of personal questions. What we read here are  “moving, horrendous, hilarious, and thought-provoking answers by LGBTQ people from across the country and around the globe” that open us to a variety of experiences, many of which are similar. We clearly see who we are, what we share, and how and where we fit in.

The very way the book is structured is wonderful and I was reminded of when I would meet someone for the first time at a bar or gathering. The questions are universal and it is amazing to see how alike the answers are. While for many of us, this is not new but we have not had the chance to read these in a collection and that is what is new, interesting and fascinating. We have always learned through the question and answer process and we have discovered our similarities through questions and answers as well. The people in the book are the people we meet in daily life who willingly share their experiences and in doing so often fill in the gaps in our own experiences. A simple answer about a new book or film can become a significant addition to our realm of knowledge and to better know ourselves.

The real beauty of the book is in variety and diversity of the people we read about.

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