“THE TRIUMPH OF SODOM” (“El Triunfo de Sodoma”)— Underground Queer Cinema

“THE TRIUMPH OF SODOM” (“El Triunfo de Sodoma”)

Underground Queer Cinema

Amos Lassen

Goyo Anchou’s “The Triumph of Sodom” is thought-provoking underground queer cinema and a contemporary LGBTQ political work that combines social manifestos about gender, performance art and pornography.

The film begins with documenting demonstrations on the streets of Buenos Aires. From there we are taken to the Queer Club for a Spoken Word performance. If there is a plot, it is best explained by a feminist poet who explains to a horny straight guy, how he can become a feminist, a vegan and why he should be castrated to advance the world revolution.

The documentary was made in the margins of the Argentine audiovisual community (from which some of the creative team have been effectively blacklisted). It was produced according to the precepts of guerrilla film making and it is something of  a romantic torch song. Guerrilla film making in the Latin America origins of its practice is as an act of cultural resistance that uses production constraints as a starting point to reshape its very language.

Thus, marginality goes from limitation to facilitation. The result is always original, because the reality with which the production is confronted is always original. The originality of the film is part of its nature: rare and subversive. It is ajourney of consciousness that is filled with power.