“ISAAC”— Challenges of Family


Challenges of Family

Amos Lassen

Ángeles Hernández’s “Isaac” is the story ofNacho and Denis  who meet again after sixteen years of not being in touch, and neither of them is who they used to be. They both have wives. Nacho and Martha are a perfect bourgeois married couple with good jobs, but they are not happy because Martha is unable to get pregnant. Denis and Carmen lead a more laid-back lifestyle, but live paycheck to paycheck and try to get enough money to open up a restaurant.

Denis offers his partner to be Nacho and Martha’s surrogate in exchange for the money they need to open the restaurant. Now both the two couples have to deal with secrets that were buried deeply inside Nacho and Dennis’ closet.

The film deals with the challenges of family and desire to have children while also exploring the complexities of the human condition and the forces that shape peoples’ lives. “It is about the hope for a society that no longer responds to the toxic system of values that has resulted from hegemonic masculinity.

Even though ‘Isaac’ has a layer of an LGBT film, it’s not an LGBT film, it’s an unconventional romance that doesn’t go where we think it will.