“2 COOL 2 BE 4GOTTEN”— Felix and The Brothers


Felix and The Brothers

Amos Lassen

Petersen Vargas’s “2 Cool 2 Be Forgotten” is the story of Felix Salonga (Khalil Ramos), a friendless teenager from a poor background who is determined to be the best in his class and elevate his status. Handsome and mysterious Magnus and Maxim Snyder (Ethan Salvador and Jameson Blake), half-American brothers, want to escape life from the Philippines and live in the USA. As Felix develops a relationship with the brothers and discovers desires that lead to dangerous consequences.

This is a coming of age movie set in Pampanga in the Philippines and follows the life of Felix, whose existence is shaken to its core when Magnus and Maximillian start going to his school.
Felix is especiallydrawn to Magnus, befriends him and infiltrates the private lives of the Snyder brothers. He interweaves himself to their dark and mysterious motives and at the same time, his interactions with them uncover desires within him that he has never confronted before.

The action takes place ten years after the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo. Felix is upset about his poor living conditions and finds solace in a journal-writing exercise for his English class.
 At first, his journal is filled with cynical observations against his teachers and classmates. But when the Snyder brothers transfer to his school, he finds himself gravitating toward their mysterious personalities.

His interactions with them bring to the fore his new desires but then he learns that their lives  aren’t as glamorous as people think. Things spiral out of control when a sinister plot to murder the mother of the Snyder brother arises, leaving death and devastation all along its path.

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