“Darker Than Night: An Anthology of Horror” by Various Authors— Behold the Night

Various Authors. “Darker Than Night: An Anthology of Horror”, Archer, 2020.

Behold the Night

Amos Lassen

I can’t think of a better time to read a collection of horror stories than in late October when we are all stuck at home. Horror is always present in our lives and a good scare can be cathartic and in this “Darker Than Night” does not disappoint. Our imaginations are already running wild as we think about what we will do once Covid-19 is over and we are ready for a change or a scare.

Archer Publishing brings together eleven authors who indeed know how to use our imaginations to open us to different worlds with fine narratives. I could go into a little about each story here but instead I will look at just a few to give you an idea of what to expect. I especially love the idea that the internet becomes part of the modern horror tale in “The Sunflowers” by Ollister Wade as does technology in Michele D. Ring’s, “An Exercise in Empathy”. A good backstory often enchants as it does in “The Dark of Bryn Awel”. I usually do not name a favorite story but I have to say that H.L. Sudler’s “Sandman” kept me reading as quickly as I could.

I do have a problem reviewing horror stories because of their very nature. Their purpose is to instill fear and play with our minds for a while and to summarize them or write about the ruins whatever suspense they engender within us. Suffice it to say that each story here does just that. Horror has been with us from the time that someone first put pen to paper and the beauty of the story comes from how it makes us feel. To say anymore would not be fair to the writers or readers. As we go into darkness, our imaginations take over and that is just what you have to do when you read this collection. Forget the outside world and enter a new one for a while and enjoy the escape.

Other stories are by John Adams, Andrew Phoenix, Danny Baird,, James R. Lynch, David Helms, Eric Andrews-Katz, Caleb Howell and Rhidian Brenig Jones.

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