“THE LAST STARFIGHTER”— From Trailer Park to Starfighter


From Trailer Park to Starfighter

Amos Lassen

“The Last Starfighter” begins in a trailer camp in California. Alex, (Lance Guest) lives in the camp and sets a record on a Starfighter game, and a Star League recruiter (Robert Preston) takes him into outer space to join the battle against the evil race of Ko-Dan. At first the kid would rather stay on Earth but he’s persuaded that he’s all that stands between the Ko-Dan and intergalactic civilization as we know it. He agrees to become a Starfighter, and is tutored by a wise old lizard-warrior named Grig (Dan O’Herlihy).

The movie isn’t original in its special effects but tries to make up for that in the trailer camp scenes. A large gallery of eccentric supporting actors have cameos with a few colorful lines to say and there’s a subplot about the love affair between the kid’s girlfriend and the robot who has replaced the kid.

Alex aspires to go to an out of town college and escape his dull life, but his application for a loan is turned down. He goes to his trailer park office and plays his favorite video game where he pilots his Gunstar ship to protect the Frontier against Xur and the Kodan Armada. He beats the Starfighter game and the park residents spread the word that Alex is their hero thus causing him to be approached shortly afterwards by the game’s fast-talking inventor Centauri (Preston) and asked to come with him for a surprise prize. He is taken in a spacecraft to another planet, where he’s recruited to fight in an intergalactic war against a superior enemy that simulates the video game.

The film follows two stories. The first involves Alex fighting on the side of one alien army over the other. He first refuses but when he returns to Earth and is attacked by enemy aliens and finds out that all the other Starfighters were killed, he understands that only he can save the universe. He returns to Rylos and becomes his pilot and gunner. The second is the story of “Beta,” the simuloid beta unit who looks just like Alex and replaces him in the trailer park so no one will know he’s missing. This provides humor. The robot has to fool his kid brother, Louis, a collector of Playboy magazines, into thinking he’s only having a nightmare when he spots the robot making some mechanical repairs on his ear and has to take off his head in full view of him.

The computer-animated special effects were good for the eighties, and the video game scenario looked just like the war battles. Video-junkies and those who like off the wall cult films will love the story.


  Brand new restoration from a 4K scan of the original 35mm camera negative

  High Definition Blu- ray (1080p) presentation

  Uncompressed 2.0 stereo, 5.1 DTS-HD MA and 4.1 audio

  Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing

  Brand new audio commentary with star Lance Guest and his son Jackson Guest

  Brand new audio commentary with Mike White of The Projection Booth podcast

  Archival audio commentary with director Nick Castle and production designer Ron Cobb

  Maggie s Memories: Revisiting The Last Starfighter a new interview with actress Catherine Mary Stewart

  Into the Starscape: Composing The Last Starfighter a new interview with composer Craig Safan

  Incredible Odds: Writing The Last Starfighter a new interview with screenwriter Jonathan Betuel 

  Interstellar Hit-Beast: Creating the Special Effects a new interview with special effects supervisor Kevin Pike

  Excalibur Test: Inside Digital Productions a new interview with sci-fi author Greg Bear on Digital Productions, the company responsible for the CGI in The Last Starfighter

  Greetings Starfighter! Inside the Arcade Game an interview with arcade game collector Estil Vance on reconstructing the Starfighter game

  Heroes of the Screen archival featurette

  Crossing the Frontier: Making The Last Starfighter archival 4-part documentary

  Image Galleries

  Theatrical and Teaser Trailers

  Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Matt Ferguson


  Limited Edition O-Card

  Limited Edition Reversible Poster featuring original and newly commissioned artwork

  Collector s booklet featuring new writing by Amanda Reyes and sci-fi author Greg Bear s never-before-published Omni magazine article on Digital Productions, the company responsible for the CGI in The Last Starfighter

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