“MUSIC FOR BLEEDING HEARTS”— Three Hearts About to Break


Three Hearts About to Break

Amos Lassen

In modern Sao Paulo, three hearts are on the verge of being broken. Ricardo has a steady boyfriend but is smitten by a new co-worker. Isabella (Mayara Constantino) has taken a break from her boyfriend and from Ricardo (Victor Mendez) who is her best friend. Felipe (Ciao Horowicz)is a hopeless romantic who finds himself caught between Ricardo and Isabella. The three of them have big dreams of passion but they are certainly not ready for what is to come.

Rafael Gomes, the director of the film, observes the various changes and what remains eternal in matters of love, his central. He has adapted how relationships are affected by the transformations of the digital world, including Instagram and other social networks as an integral part of today’s lovers’ flirtation and suffering.

The script and editing embrace a parallel narrative when following the trio that guarantees dynamism throughout the film while suppressing important details to understand the development arc of the characters. While presenting a youth suffering from a need to be in love that supersedes the very construction of a relationship to actually experience this love, the film brings romantic clichés in prose and verse.

Gomes gives us a philosophical ballad to love that looks at its bewildering complexities. The three main characters are  the personifications of the three [main] types of love. Vulnerabilities are worn on the sleeve, hearts are torn apart, guards are put up and pulled down. We see that love changes as we mature.

The performances are excellent all around but this s a director’s film. On a tiny budget, he has produced a credible film with might, force and gentility. Music is important here and Cazuza, Orlando Silva, Gal Costa, Tim Bernardes, Clarice Falcão, Fafá de Belém, Marcelo Camelo and Milton Nascimento are some of the artists whose songs add to the diverse sequences of the film.

Isabela suffers because of her recent break up with Gabriel (Ícaro Silva); Felipe wants to fall in love and hopes to do so with Isabela and Ricardo is platonically in love with Felipe. The first half of the film builds the characters who are with their individual love lives. They are carefree and intelligent.  They seem to have catchphrases and aphorisms ready to be introduced in any conversation, they wander in a pedestrian philosophical language and display a frightening egotism. There areconstant references to Shakespeare’s ultimate love story “Romeo and Juliet”. We become constantly aware of, is how we Social Media and the Internet are used to closely monitor the lives  of others, as well as our own.

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