“The Big Tow: An Unlikely Romance: An Unlikely Romance” by Ann McMan— A Different North Carolina

McMan, Ann. “The Big Tow: An Unlikely Romance: An Unlikely Romance”, Bywater Books, 2020.

A Different North Carolina

Amos Lassen

I began reading Ann McMan some ten books ago and I continue to do so not only because she is such a fine writer but because each book is a surprise. McMan’s wit and plot lines are always intelligent and fun to read.

In “The Big Tow” we meet Vera “Nick” Nicholson, an overtaxed and underpaid attorney living in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and feeing that she is  killing time while  working at Turner, Witherspoon, Anders, and Tyler (TWAT) where she sees little chance for career advancement. But then she get a special assignment—- to recover the missing high-priced luxury car belonging to one of the firm’s top clients. She is to find and recover the car and its contents but without any help from the local police. It is then that we meet Fast Eddie and his men at The National Recovery Bureau, a repo agency in the town of K-Vegas. 

Suddenly Nick’s job and Nick are furloughed at the law firm and she decides to join Eddie’s gang and becomes an agent and is teamed with Frances “Frankie” Stohler, a third-grade teacher who has taken the job to supplement her income. Frankie’s parents have been members of the society of Winston-Salem and they know everyone and everyone knows them.

What follows is a visit to the very strange world of repo and a trip into a North Carolina that most of us have never seen before and where nothing seems to go right. But this journey also brings Nick and Frankie both together and the financial independence that they both seek. It was not an easy road to travel but the result was well worth it.

I could not help myself from laughing aloud as I read and the humor is intelligent. I never knew what to expect from page to page and I was kept reading, finishing the book in almost a single session. The characters are wonderfully drawn. I really love that you never know what is in a book until you experience it and I do not use the word “experience” lightly. “The Big Tow” is so much more than a read, it is a total experience.

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