“LIBERTY”— Total Perversion


Total Perversion

Amos Lassen

Albert Serra’s “Liberte” is totally perverse. In 1774, fifteen years before the French Revolution Madame de Dumeval, the Duke of Tesis and the Duke of Wand came together somewhere between Potsdam and Berlin. They had been expelled from the court of Louis XVI and were hoping to gain support from the Duke of Walchen, a German free thinker and notorious seducer. He was alone in his country, a place where hypocrisy and false virtue was the way of life. The three French visitors wanted to being their  libertinage to Germany. It was a philosophy that was based on the rejection of morality and authority and they needed to find a place so that they continue their sexual activities.

The film is pornographic that is shocking. It is also boring and monotonous. There is no entertainment here even if you are into sexual fetishes. Serra shows humanity at its most debauched and depraved.

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