“GOOD JOE  BELL”— Gay Teen Suicide


Gay Teen Suicide

Amos Lassen

“Good Joe Bell” follows a father, Joe Bell (Mark Wahlberg) coming to terms with his son Jadin’s (Reid Miller) suicide. He undertook a walk across the United States to raise awareness of bullying following the suicide of 15-year-old Jadin.

The film moves between Joe’s inspirational march and the tragic homophobia that Jadin experienced. The real Joe Bell was killed after being hit by a car just 8 months after the death of his son, but his family was closely involved in the project. 

Along with homophobia, Jaden suffered visible embarrassment at home from his father”, and thus “Joe could have been permanently broken by regret, but instead sets out on a mission.”  Joe loved his children very much was a very complex man. Due to be released soon, this is one to watch for.

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