“GUILTY PREJUDICES”— Love, Death and Memory



Love, Death and Memory

Amos Lassen

Jean-Phillipe Transvouez’s “Guilty Prejudices” is not an easy film to watch but it is an important one in that we are reminded that homophobia still exists in the world today. Léon (Antoine Mournes), 22, and David (Sebastien Belier), 27, are getting ready to celebrate their first  anniversary together. On that same evening, David is savagely stabbed and Leon is accused of the crime. At the police station in police custody and in a cell, interrogation is heavy homophobia. Behind closed doors, Lieutenant Fred Darrieu (Alexandre Triaca), an atypical and mysterious policeman, Léon relates his memories and tells his story, a “story of a mourning to do, a thwarted love and evanescent memory…”

“Guilty Prejudices” is a drama without a label that wants to be optimistic and we spend an hour and a half in two temporalities: past / present.   Léon is a young 22-year-old dynamic guy who lives a mundane student life, between college, his roommate Laura, and parties; he’s in love with David who is dark and reserved.

Their love story is carefree, filled with dreams of the future in their heads. That evening when David is taken out on a stretcher, Leon finds his hands covered in blood without knowing what happened. He ends up at the police station, being interrogated. He remembers nothing, but everything seems to accuse him of his friend’s assault. Through the perseverance of Lieutenant Fred Darrieu, he is  offered the hope of understanding what happened. As Leon searches his memories, he shares his story.

He speaks of the first kiss that he and David shared and the beginning of their relationship and is reminded that it is not easy for two boys to love each other. Society and their parents are disdainful of such relationships and they face rejection. Yet, Leon and David struggle to hold their heads held high.

There are  secrets— little things that we all prefer to keep to ourselves but which, during the investigation, come out without warning. Lieutenant Darrieu does everything to discover this truth, against the advice of his police colleagues who are already convinced of how the case will end.

We hear family stories, misunderstandings and realize that there are unspoken words. Leon’s story is filled with emotions and during the 48 hours of interrogation, we are taken on a journey through time. Police custody will allow the various protagonists to better understand each other, or even to know each other for some. 48 hours allow us to discover the terrible, but banal truth about the drama that has taken place. (Can I be more elusive? Now you really have to watch the film).

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