“United Queerdom” by Dan Glass— LGBTQ Activism

Glass, Dan. “United Queerdom”, Zed Books, 2020.

 LGBTQ Activism

Amos Lassen

During the 1970s the Gay Liberation Front (GLF) led an anarchic campaign that permanently changed the face of Britain. It was inspired by the Stonewall riots in the United States and its demand was for a global “Queer Nation.” Now, some fifty years later, we still have LGBT+ inequality even as we understand that complete LGBT+ liberation means housing rights, universal healthcare, economic freedom and more. Even though there are some who believe that we are free now and should behave and assimilate and become part of the larger society. However, only with full liberation can we really expect further discrimination and harassment.

This is a provocative read from a man who helped change the world and who maintains that protest is necessary and essential to queer identity. Glass shares the hard work of fighting injustice. He gives us his ideas about life-changing activism and methodologies to attain it making this something of a manual for those who want to change the world.  He is both outrageous and controversial but he writes from deep within his heart.

This memoir lets us feel his “rage, solidarity, and tactical hope.” We immediately sense that his reason for being is to make a difference and we see that he has. We can see this as a manifesto to fight back yet it is a memoir that is historical and a how-to-guide. We are called upon to act and to act now.

We are experiencing a “Second Silence” with budget cuts, rising HIV transmission rates, and a belief that AIDS is history. We read of those who have “been beaten, deported and marginalized by bigotry, patriarchy and fascism across the planet” and see his as a call to action.


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