“Heroes and Jerks: The Best and Worst Who Ever Lived” by Ed Daly— A Fascinating Look at History

Daly, Ed. “Heroes and Jerks: The Best and Worst Who Ever Lived”,  Independently Published, 2020.

A Fascinating Look at History

Amos Lassen

I have no idea why I was sent a copy of Ed Daly’s “Heroes and Jerks: The Best and Worst Who Ever Lived” since it is not the kind of book that I usually review. Since I am quarantined and always looking for something to read, I decided to give it a go and I was very pleasantly surprised. This is an unorthodox journey through history, the people that make history and the world by looking at the best and worst people who have ever lived. Daly compares quite a diverse collection of people over a two million year period and while many of the characters are instantly recognizable, there are others that you will read about for possibly the first time. All of the people mentioned share the fact that theyhave had a lasting impact on humankind. Daly examines the best and worst over time, those who have most influenced the world as we know it. Each hero and jerk is explained in quick, easily digestible Top 10 Lists. We have  world leaders, Hollywood actors and regular people who have made an impression  and the entries about them are short, informative and often humorous.

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