“HAVEN”— A Secret Romance


A Secret Romance

Amos Lassen

In the Cayman Islands, Shy (Orlando Bloom) and Andrea (Zoe Saldana) are in love and this is a secret that her parents can never know. During a night of passion, there is the discovery of a devastating act of vengeance by Andrea’s brother (Anthony Mackie). At the same time, a shady American businessman (Bill Paxton) has fled with his daughter to the Islands to avoid federal prosecution and is pulled into a dangerous web of deceit. As lives come together and truths are revealed, a chain reaction of violence begins that will determine whether love can survive in this paradise.

Bloom’s is a disfigured, dirt-poor, formerly mute Cayman Island rude boy nicknamed  but he is too much of a pretty-boy and is ridiculous. Writer-director Frank E. Flowers attempted to make a gritty, intricate ensemble drama about the desperate, scheming characters who flock to the Cayman Islands, but his material is overwrought and plays like a soap opera.

“Haven” begins with shady businessman Bill Paxton fleeing the United States one step ahead of the law with his daughter (Agnes Bruckner). But before that intriguing storyline can be developed, Flowers pushes it aside for a full hour to focus on the less compelling star-crossed romance between Shy and the sheltered, virginal daughter Andrea from a prominent black family. After Bloom has sex with Andrea, her brother scalds Bloom’s face with acid to register his disapproval, leading to a revenge-filled third act that takes us back to the beginning. 

TheCaymans is a sunny place for shady people where the locals have learned not to ask too many questions about the cash-rich foreigners who are there. While there are excellent performances here, Bloom is wasted and he comes across as campy. The film is a melodrama that, seems to incorporate elements of “Laguna Beach” and “Romeo & Juliet.” Visually, the film is gorgeous.


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